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Bernstein ’10 Continues Music Video Career

“Bad Island” writer and multi-band mastermind Ben Bernstein ’10, sometimes known as B C B, sends in yet another homespun music video from the Wes/Brooklyn industrial complex. This one’s for “The Bad Man,” a mesmerizing and bizarre track by freak-folky Bennington College artist Trevor Wilson, who records with a vocal ensemble. Filmed in Crown Heights and BedStuy, the video employs a handful of fittingly creepy images, including facial closeups and a charismatic rabbit. Bernstein, who directed, writes:

“The Bad Man” is a song by Trevor Wilson about getting your identity taken. These Bennington folks make cool music. I felt that this song was about being so upset that it just kind of becomes beautiful… that a human can feel anything that much.

Brian Papish ’10 was DP and Andrew Gladstone ’11 also shot some of it. Hope you guys enjoy it/aren’t vegetarian.

The humans in the video are all Bennington students or alums, though Bernstein adds: “Filming a hunting-heat seeking python while holding a warm light was a lotta fun.” For more of Bernstein’s recent work, see “PRISM.”

Bernstein ’10 Directs, Produces Hip Hop Video

PRISM from Ben Bernstein on Vimeo.

Ben Bernstein ’10, better known round this blog as the esteemed (and dearly missed) B C B, has made a successful foray into the cutthroat world of hip hop video production!

You might remember Bernstein for “Bad Island,” his senior thesis slash opera, or his work with the bands Cous Cous and Decora. More recently, Bernstein completed a video for up-and-coming-but-not-quite-googlable rapper Jared (“I was so compelled hearing how adventurous this rap is that I wanted to make the video”), and it’s got more WesKids than Jamaica’s got mangos. More specifically: Gianna Palmer ’10 co-stars, Brian Papish ’10 worked on cinematography, and Bernstein directed and produced. The video was entirely shot in some “weird little outdoor park” in Crown Heights; it contains a lot of chess, and I’m pretty sure Jared mentions tubgirl in the lyrics. Make of that what you will.

“Keep up the good fight,” Bernstein adds. “We salute you down in Brooklyn!”

New Cous Cous Album Available on Bandcamp!

On March 21, Ben Bernstein ’10 released a new Cous Cous album. The performers on this eponymous album are all current and past Wesleyan students, including:

  • Katherine McDonald ’11Vocals
  • Christina Boyd ’10 Vocals
  • Ben Seretan ’10 – Guitar, Vocals
  • Daniel Hymanson ’11 – Bass Guitar
  • Benjamin C. Bernstein ’10 – Keyboards
  • Matt Hurwit ’12 – Percussion
  • Katherine Mullins ’12 – Piccolo
  • Holing Yip ’10 – Flute
  • Rebecca Wang ’10 – Oboe
  • Brian Papish ’10 – Trombone
  • Ian Staub ’10 – Trumpet
  • Joseph Getter GD – Tenor Sax
  • Ben Klein GD – Tuba

For those of you who do not know Ben Bernstein, searching his name on Wesleying should give you a good idea of his involvement during his undergraduate years. For his senior thesis, he wrote an opera named Bad Island. He was also in the band Decora with Will Brant ’10Ian Staub ’10Josh Koenig ’09Ben Seretan ’10, and George Pritzker ’10.

Be sure to check out Cous Cous! I can tell you from personal experience that it does not disappoint.