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Bernstein ’10 Continues Music Video Career

“Bad Island” writer and multi-band mastermind Ben Bernstein ’10, sometimes known as B C B, sends in yet another homespun music video from the Wes/Brooklyn industrial complex. This one’s for “The Bad Man,” a mesmerizing and bizarre track by freak-folky Bennington College artist Trevor Wilson, who records with a vocal ensemble. Filmed in Crown Heights and BedStuy, the video employs a handful of fittingly creepy images, including facial closeups and a charismatic rabbit. Bernstein, who directed, writes:

“The Bad Man” is a song by Trevor Wilson about getting your identity taken. These Bennington folks make cool music. I felt that this song was about being so upset that it just kind of becomes beautiful… that a human can feel anything that much.

Brian Papish ’10 was DP and Andrew Gladstone ’11 also shot some of it. Hope you guys enjoy it/aren’t vegetarian.

The humans in the video are all Bennington students or alums, though Bernstein adds: “Filming a hunting-heat seeking python while holding a warm light was a lotta fun.” For more of Bernstein’s recent work, see “PRISM.”