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Best Alternative Media Outlet Results

U.S. News and World Report’s Best Alternative Media Outlet contest is over, here are the results.

Wesleying came in third at 11.75% of the vote, to Penn State’s Onward State‘s 24.58% and Yale’s Timothy Dwight‘s 19.05%. We barely edged out Middlebury’s MiddBlog (10.3%), but pulled comfortably ahead of IvyGate, Columbia’s Bwog, Berkeley’s The Daily Clog, Mads Vassar, Gerogetown’s Saxa Speak, and Wisconsin’s Critical Badger.

Not bad, considering that Penn State is gigantic and Timothy Dwight seems to have an endearingly (if incongruously) passionate fanbase. And besides, more than a few of the competing blogs were inspired by Wesleying to begin with.

But this might have been a deciding factor: no Wesleying blogger was committed enough to this thing to whore ourselves out as Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as Mark from Onward State has promised as a concession for winning. Awesome:

Vote for Wesleying! Polls End at Midnight

Show the world how much you love Wesleying. We are currently in the running as the Fourth Best Alternative Media Outlet of 2008. Don’t let Middlebury beat us! They may rank higher on the US News Report but we can’t let them best our blogging abilities.

Vote here.

U.S. News and World Report poll update

Amid swirling rumors of Wesleyan students rigging the election in our favor and Paper Trail editors rigging the election to make us lose, the contest for the Best Alternative Media Outlet over at the U.S. News and World Report’s Paper Trail blog drags on. And UMich’s OTR blog is in first place, after an offer to buy everyone a puppy.

While we won’t be offering you a puppy, we will offer you an update on the action:

  1. UMich’s OTR: 38%
  2. Wesleying: 30%
  3. Columbia’s Bwog: 16%

Whether the poll is rigged is still up for debate, I guess, but if you haven’t voted, we’d still appreciate a click. Because really, how many of those puppies are going to end up in good homes?

It’s election time! Vote for us for Best Alternative Media Outlet

Is it tacky to make a post on a blog, telling its readers to vote for that blog? Well, if so, too bad.

A “Brian” tips in at the Wesleying Shoutbox that it’s time for the second annual “Best Alternative Media Outlet” award by US News and World Report. Wesleying won last year, but at the time of writing, Wesleying only has 3% of the vote this time around!

Columbia’s “Bwog” is at 35% and U. Michigan’s “College: On the Record” (OTR) has 50%. We all know Wesleying probably really is the best student blog (and college alternative media outlet) out there, so get to it!

Click here to vote.

Edit: we’re up a little, but not by much. We can still be the comeback blog…
2nd Edit: 33%! neck and neck with UMich, the giant 25,000+ undergrads Goliath.

Xue adds: Holly pointed out to me earlier that IvyGate is also in the running this year. Which means little old Wesleying, the product of a 3am brainfart in August 2007, is up against every single Ivy League blogamathing in the tubes. In the words of the great Independent Ivy backlash: