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More Rankings: Wesleyan #15 according to Forbes

As much as it pains me to do a rankings post, it’s the summer and well, rankings are rankings. Forbes has released its own top Colleges and Universities list. Williams, Princeton, and Amherst make up the top three, and Wesleyan falls in line at #15, right between Haverford and Whitman College. Forbes describes the idea behind its rankings as:

To our way of thinking, a good college is one that meets student needs. While other college rankings are based in large part on school reputation as evaluated by college administrators, we focus on factors that directly concern incoming students: Will my courses be interesting? Is it likely I will graduate in four years? Will I incur a ton of debt getting my degree? And once I get out of school, will I get a good job?

As always, the rankings seem fairly controversial (Cornell is at #70, John Hopkins is at #88, and NYU is all the way down at #173). To see the full list, click here; the full methodology is here.

Enjoy another way to re-live that college search process and feel good about your decision (or if it wasn’t your decision – feel good that Brown was 30 spots behind at #45). Or, you know, just ignore it all (Forbes is mainstream after all). Enjoy your last month of summer (sorry alums!).


Princeton Review Rankings 2011

Because they are the standards by which everyone should choose their college, here is how we ranked in the 2011 edition of the Princeton Review Best Colleges:

Wesleyan 2011 Princeton Review Rankings
Now, here are our rankings from last year:

2010 Princeton Review WesleyanWe essentially did worse in every category we were ranked in last year.  The only improvement comes in “Best College Theater,” where we squeezed in this year after not being ranked at all among the top 20 last year.

To be honest, the Princeton Review is insulting us.  They’re calling us mainstream.