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The Star and Crescent Restaurant: An Introduction

“So there’s this place, the Star & Crescent, it’s like a student-run restaurant, and you have to wait in line at that house over there, and it’s delicious, and yeah.”


This may be how you’ve heard the Star & Crescent described, also known as the S&C, which has a respectable but perhaps enigmatic reputation on campus. But do not fear! Its inner workings are easier to understand than the large number of meals included on your meal plan or the inexplicable speed at which your points start disappearing once you discover your signature drink at Pi Cafe or the temptingly mediocre french fries at Late Night… But come on, how are you going to study if you and your friends don’t eat fried things at midnight first?

But how, you might ask, will you learn about the wonders of this exciting alternative to Usdan?

Well, my friends, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: for your aid and entertainment, we have created a BRAND-NEW, FIRST-EVER, ONE-OF-A-KIND, KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF GUIDE TO EATING AT THE S&C to answer all the questions percolating in your minds as another year of new possibilities and delicious noms (/too-lazy-to-leave-your-dorm-room mac & cheese) approaches. Now let’s begin: