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Yay Bikes! But Why?

Sometime just after midnight on Wednesday, April 11th, a flock of yellow Penske trucks made their way onto a quiet and peaceful Wesleyan. In the frigid night, illuminated by nothing more than the orange glow of nearby streetlights, they began unloading their cargo: 100 orange bikes to be dispensed on bike racks around the campus.

Wes Bike Co-op First Meeting!

From Rachel Connor ’14:

Come to the regenerated Wesleyan Bike Co-op’s first meeting! Formerly known as L.E.G.I.T., the bike co-op has tools and a bike room, and will meet for workdays and bike-fixing skill-shares.
Even if you don’t know the difference between a tube and a tire (or if ya do), bring your bike or just yourself and lets get greasy.

Date: Friday, November 8
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: UOC (On High Street, next to Eclectic)

WesBikes: Fall 2013 Bike Rental Sign-up!


Sophia Park ’14 and Winston Soh ’14, WesBike coordinators, want you to sign up for a bike:

Wanna bike to Millers Pond? Wadsworth Falls? Lyman Orchards? Or just simply breeeeze your way through the campus? Oh it’s so beautiful out, and what other ways to make it more enjoyable than to bike around?! Sign up to rent a bike from WesBikes! It’s $5/week for 9 weeks ($45 total) and you will also get a helmet, a bike lock (+key), a pump, and a bundle of happiness :D If you are interested, please fill out the form at (and sooner the better):

And check out our website here.

We are also looking for new coordinators! If you are interested in the program, please contact us at wesbikes[at]gmail[dot]com

Cost: $45 to your student account
Contact: wesbikes[at]gmail[dot]com
Website: Here
Sign-Up Form: Here

Celebration of Real Food

WesFresh put on a great event on Saturday to celebrate the university’s commitment to  increase “real food” at Wesleyan to 20% by 2020. The CFA Courtyard was filled with brightly-clothed earth lovers swaying to the bike-powered concert on stage, courtesy of the College of the Environment’s bike generator (run by 10 bikers biking in place the whole time). A very-proud-of-Wesleyan President Michael Roth was bopping to the music and beaming at everything around him. And how could he not be proud? Weskids did all of this!

Calling For WesBikes Coordinators

Sophia Park ’14 has got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it’s got a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good:

Are you staying on campus over the summer? Are you interested in coordinating and distributing bikes over this summer?

WesBikes is looking for summer coordinators, as well as train for the position in the coming fall semester. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to work with the WSA, Physical Plant, Student Account, and P-Safe officers.

If interested, please email Sophia at ypark(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by Sunday, May 6th with the following information:

  • Name
  • Class Year
  • Relevant management and leadership experiences

Due: May 6
Contact: ypark@wes

Bike Generator Interest Meeting

If you are intrigued by bike generators, alternative energy sources, human hamsters, Sam Long ’12, or any combination of the above, this new student group is for you:

Are you passionate about alternative energy? Are you interested in seeing more alternative energy on campus? Do you know anything about bikes or harnessing energy from human hamsters?

I received funding through the green fund to purchase a group of ten bike generators capable of powering 3000W of energy. I am a senior and unable to see out the future of the project. I hope to meet with a group of interested students and form a student group surrounding the equipment and its maintenance. I need to be able to pass on the equipment to a team of individuals, preferably underclassmen. If you are interested please get in touch with me at slong(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

There will be an interest meeting on Wednesday at the College of the Environment next to DKE at 4:30. The COE is located next to DKE at 284 High Street.

Date: Wednesday, March 7
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Place: College of the Environment, 284 High


High Supreme Comrade Charmaine Chen ’12 demands that you put a big metal thing between YOUR LEGS:

Rent a WesBike for the spring!

The second rental period begins the day after we return from Spring break (Wednesday, 3/28) and lasts until (Friday, 5/11). Due to the length of Spring Break, there is the option of renting the bike from the beginning of Spring Break (March 9th), as well as returning the bicycle on (May 11th). Rental is $5 a week, with two bicycle pickup days (3/9 and 3/28) and one drop-off day (May 11th)

If interested send the following to wesbikes(at)gmail(dot)com:

Class year:
Campus residence:
Whether or not you have formerly rented from WesBikes:
Whether or not you have formerly applied to rent from WesBikes:

Application will be closed at 11:59 pm on February 15th, 2012.

So… while you can’t completely live your dreams of being Ryan Gosling and driving around Mid-Town with a sweet ride and beating people’s faces in, you can totally do that with a spiffy bike. O YEAH.

LEGIT Will Help You Help Your Bike

Angus McCullough ’10 says:

Want to get your bike tuned up for free? Want to a buy a bike for cheap? Want to learn how to do both of these things?

Come and talk to LEGIT, the resident bike mechanic cooperative on campus. We’ll be holding hours this weekend and next to get your two wheels in tip top shape.

LEGIT is usually turning wrenches and spinning wheels outside Hi-Rise on Fridays and Saturdays from 1-4 PM. Today, though, their hours will be from 2:30 – 4. Who knows why. Hipsters are such flakes. Great mustaches, though.

Date: Fridays and Saturdays
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: Outside Hi-Rise

LEGIT bike co-op wants you


Hey. Yeah, kid, you. See anyone else on this lonely streetcorner? Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to sell you anything. How’d you like to be a BIKE MECHANIC?

LEGIT, the wesleyan bike co-op/greasemonkey corner, wants YOU. Don’t know a freewheel from a hex wrench? No frickin problem. No experience required. (but hey, if you have some, what are you waiting for?) Apparently I am supposed to say something about the cool kids, but the cool kids sound intimidating, (which bikes ARE NOT OR SHOULD NOT BE)… How does “the winning team” sound? You could be on it.

Accruing oodles of favors and good karma for making other peoples lives easier, less annoyingly filled with creaky chain noises, and generally faster, getting super familiar with words like CRANKSET and THREADED HEADSET and SPOKE NIPPLE….

if this sounds like you, email contacts are amccullough, rphukan and jrovinelli @ wes. (I’d email all three.)

LEGIT: Bikes for Sale

Angus McCullough ’10 wants to sell you a bicycle:

Need a bike? Got a broken one? Want to be as cool as this guy? Well, LEGIT can help you out.

On Saturday from 11-3, we’ll be set up outside of Usdan to sell, fix, tune and adjust bikes for little money and with lots of love. Our going rate for a sick, slick, campus bike? $50. You want a classic cruiser? $50. Rocket bike? well, prices vary…

Any repair is FREE, except the cost of parts, most of which are rebuilt and FREE. And you can always come by the LEGIT bike room on Friday afternoons (located right outside the HiRise door) Or, set up an appointment.

Contact Angus (amcullough(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), Rishabh, (rphukan(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), or Miles (mbukiet(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Date: Saturday 4/28, or every Friday
11-3, or Friday afternoons
Location: Outside Usdan, or Hirise