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Experimental Jazz Fusion: Mothguts and the Bill Carbone / Darian Cunnings Duo

  Get your music grind on tonight at Buho! From Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15, an event that will blow. your. mind.

Mothguts is a grindy NY-based jazz group featuring Anthony Ware on saxaphone, Mike Noordzy on bass, Ben Ross on drums, and Chris Welcome on guitar. They’re known for stitching free and avant jazz elements gruesomely together with grindcore, noise, mathrock, and whatever other dissonant / heavy musics they can get their hands on. We promise plenty of genre and moral confusion.

Check them out on youtube or click here for the facebook event.

The Bill Carbone / Darian Cunning Duo will also be openning with an
effects-driven take on funk and fusion.

Be there.

Where: Buddhist house
When: Tonight, April 10th. 9-11pm
Cost: Your immortal soul

Buru Style Serves Up “Funktastic Holiday Treat”

“It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2 am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.”

Last year we posted about a collection of “wild (dare we say ‘zany’?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths,” from campus reggae/funk faves Buru Style. This year, drum teacher/grad student/all-around percussion wiz Bill Carbone writes in to remind you of the omnidenominational holiday treat and let you know it’s available on iTunes, eMusic, and burustyle.bandcamp.com—actually in time for the holidays this time. It’s been a year since I first heard this EP, but these takes on “Jingle Bells” and “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” don’t sound any more sane.

The album features Jake Schofield ’12, Andrew Fogliano ’10, Jake Gold ’10, Eric Sherman ’11, Ian Coss ’11, and Bill Carbone (grad) as well as seriously alumni MC Kabir Sen ’99. Here’s a seriously funked out “Jingle Bells,” featuring the aforementioned MC Kabir:

Buru Style Releases New Single for Free!

Some (but not all!) of the members of Buru Style pose on a couch.

Exciting news for Buru Style fans everywhere from Bill Carbone:

After more than a year and almost 100 gigs with vocalist Toussaint Liberator, the NY-CT-MA dub collective Buru Style parked their cars and focused on making some permanent music in their new home studios. They’ve recorded nearly three albums’ worth of material, and over the next several months, the fruit of their efforts will ripen and hit the airwaves.

Buru Style’s latest single features Ajahni, a Haitian dancehall vocalist who ruled the Boston reggae scene for years with his past band Vibewise. Ajahni contributed original lyrics to Buru Style’s roller-skate-reggae reimagining of the Soul Syndicate classic “Marawana” (the gang back up vocals feature most of the Lincoln Street house). The b-side, “Infinite Wisdom,” has Ajahni riding Buru Style’s “RotoCop” riddim and features an extended-mix dub treatment by Andrew “Fatch” Fogliano.

All of the music was recorded at Wesleyan, either in the university studio or in local basements and attics. The recordings feature Bill Carbone (PhD candidate, drum/steel band teacher), Eric Sherman ’10, Ian Coss ’11, Andrew Fogliano ’09, Jake Gold ’09, Jake Schofield ’12, Brian Papish ’11, percussionist Jamemurrell Stanley and sousaphonist Tim Boucher.

Organ Trio at Buho Tonight

Buru Style’s Bill Carbone, a drummer undoubtedly fresh, a drummer that won’t give you a choice but to dance, a drummer that will crank your musical selves into oblivion with boom, is coming to BuHo tonight with his organ trio (Beau Sasser on organ, Ryan Hommel on guitar). Tonight’s band has toured with Melvin Sparks, a guitar player with some 150 albums to his credit and one of the forefathers of the style. Should drive you some real boogalo.
Wesleyan musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and sit in on the 2nd set! Show starts at 9 PM and goes to midnight.
  • Date: Tonight
  • Time: 9:00 (now) till midnight
  • Place: BuHo
  • Cost: Free