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Odede ’12 Meets w/ Clinton and Penn

Earlier this week we posted about Kennedy Odede’s ’12‘s then-upcoming appearance at the fourth annual Clinton Global Initiative in San Diego, serving on a panel with President Clinton and Sean Penn.

Video from that conversation is now online and can be viewed here, or below. You may want to give it a minute or so to buffer. Or thirty. Happy streaming:

Watch live streaming video from cgiu at livestream.com

For more about Odede’s appearance on the panel, here’s the Wesleyan Connection‘s coverage.

Kennedy Odede ’12 to continue being baller w/ opening acts Clinton & Penn

If you haven’t been stalking the university website’s front page or The Wesleyan Connection lately, you might not know that Wes philanthropist superstar Kennedy Odede ’12 is due to appear as a panelist at the fourth annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting that is to be held in a couple of days. He will be joining Big Bill himself along with super-duper-activist and really-serious-actor-guy Sean Penn.

Odede, the co-founder of the “Shining Hope for Communities” non-profit, will also speak at the event’s closing plenary session entitled “A Conversation with President Clinton.”

For more info, you can go to the Wesleyan Connection article on it (click here).

Congrats, big guy, and good luck!

PS: According to the ACB, Kennedy’s jacket apparently went missing last Friday night over at Psi U. I’m not sure if it’s still missing, but if it is, help the man out, would ya? Presumably it’s not the same jacket pictured in the image up there. But I assume it too is similarly shiny. Original post can be found here.

College was awkward for everyone running for president

Presidential candidates have to deal with the fact that pretty much everything they’ve ever said, done, or looked like will eventually become common knowledge. Here are somewhat hilariously dated pictures of our leading contenders this year:

Claire Kaplan sends us grainy hippies Bill and Hil:The New York Times dredged up Obama’s heady youth (read all about how Obama – get ready for this – smoked pot a few times in college):
John McCain is apparently the only one who came out of the ’70s looking good (I challenge anyone to find awkward pictures of the guy before old age set in, the Internet is apparently on his side*):
*Not counting pics of him as a POW or in a hospital bed, we don’t wanna be all Karl Rove about this and I like to think Wesleying’s got standards