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“Middletown Is My Kind of Connecticut City, I Think,” The Middletown Anthem Not By Billy Joel


Another piano man has released a song about Middletown, the city home to The Most Beautiful Street in America (High Street), if you believe the potential words of either Mark Twain or Charles Dickens. This song is not new; it was actually released in October of 2015. However, kitab only just discovered this track and sent it my way, to my unexpected and extreme delight. Only with partial dismay did I find that this song was not an unreleased Drake track. I thought this likely because of his—presumably inspirational—trip to Middletown in October 2010.

The song, entitled “Middletown Is My Kind of Connecticut City, I Think” was penned and performed by Matt Farley. Before I get to my thoughts on the track, let’s give it a listen:

Explore Middletown with your parents

The Middletown Eye has posted a great guide to those places around Middletown you may have missed over the past four years. Grab your parents and learn a little bit about the community around you—or, give them a map and let yourself enjoy some of Reunion & Commencement weekend with your friends.

Check out The Midd You Missed at the Eye, which covers:

  • Where the Coginchaug meets the Mattabassett
  • Wesleyan Potters
  • Hindu temple
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Meadow Meat
  • Miller’s Pond
  • The Airline Billy Joel took
  • Mount Higby
  • Henry Clay Work House
  • Maromas
  • The “insane asylum”
  • An authentic Italian meal and dessert
  • The Noiseless Typewriter factory

[Via Ed McKeon.]

What’s Billy Joel doing in Middletown?

He was filming the hit 1993 music video for his “The River of Dreams”… that’s what he was doing. I present you with:

Exhibit A: Billy Joel with his three backup singers, standing on an old swing truss rail bridge. Where ever could it be?

Exhibit B: Hey, that looks familiar! It’s the Providence & Worcester rail bridge, along with the Arrigoni Bridge in the background! Why, they’re standing on a bridge above the Connecticut River! A bridge that connects Middletown and Portland!

Exhibit C: These guys are chillin’ on top of the “Come On Over” sign that beckons Middletonians to Portland. Except the lettering looks different. A mystery for another day…