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Eating Out Of Control? WesGuide Wants To Help

WesGuide card

Maddy Oswald ’14 writes:

WesGUIDE is a student-run program designed to help undergraduates who struggle with binge eating. A trained peer coach will work with you one-on-one to help you regain control over eating and rebuild a healthy relationship with food.

Our program is free and confidential.
To see if WesGUIDE may be right for you, take our completely anonymous and confidential 2-minute online self-screener.
For more information, visit the WesGUIDE webpage.

Psych Department Binge-Eating Study

From the Wesleyan Eating & Weight Research Lab:

Binge Eating Self-Help Treatment for University Students is a federally-funded study to compare the effectiveness of two versions of a brief self-help program for students with binge eating problems.

As a participant in the study, you can:

Learn to eat more mindfully
Be compensated up to $200 for your time and effort
Feel better!
Take the completely anonymous and confidential 2-minute online self-screener to determine your initial eligibility.

For more information about the BEST4US Project, visit their website.