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Bittermensch Comics Lives On

There’s something missing from the pages of the Argus this semester, and it doesn’t rhyme with Schmytheos Schmolt.

I’m referring, of course, to the hilarious, wry, and almost alarmingly prolific comics of former comics editor Jason Bitterman ’10, whom you may also remember as the designer of last year’s obscenely hilarious Spring Fling t-shirts.

Bitterman graduated, but his comics live on in blog form, including the ones he drew at Wes and new material depicting post-Wes life (yes, there is such a thing). Alex Holachek ’10 sends in the tip:

If you want a searing, brave (yet also heart-stoppingly beautiful) glimpse into the bleak realities of post-Wes life, go to bittermensch.blogspot.com. The site features a weekly comic drawn by former Argus comics editor Jason Bitterman ’10. It also indexes every comic he drew while at Wesleyan.

Link, again. Sweet.