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Evan Huggins ’10 Releases New Music

Evan Huggins ’10 writes in to share some of his recent music. Since graduation, he’s  launched his own record label called Black Case Recordings, and is in the process of releasing new material. He’s currently working as a DJ, producer, and songwriter, as well as for other indie artists and labels. 

Huggins DJs at The Shadow Room on Main Street and is seeking opportunities to DJ events on campus. While at Wesleyan, he recorded with Anthony Edwards ’10 and Matt Narkus ’11, including this track.

His records contain original lyrics and vocal production, but musical production from other sources – one most notably being Deadmau5. They’re precursors for the Urban R&B and House EP that his label will release, tentatively titled “Urban House.”


“Can’t Get Enough”

“Test Me”