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Bon Appetit Workers Camped Out during Storm So We Could Have Food


We got this “event” in our inbox after midnight Tuesday while Juno was happening:

Three Bon Appetit workers, Ryan, Peter, and Mike, plus managers, all camp out in the Usdan Center overnight during Juggernaut Juno so as to cook all of us motherfuckers food tomorrow. Party! Be sure to lay them down your thanks!

Place: Daniel Family Commons

Turns out that not only did eight Bon Appetit employees and managers stay overnight, but 20 others either walked to work or ignored the driving ban to get to Wes so that Usdan could open in time on Tuesday morning after the storm. Add in Ed Thorndike ’89 and Karen Kaffen-Polascik of WesWings and their whole staff who also fed us, and the grounds crew that plowed/shoveled snow through the night and early morning (even shoveling some individual senior house walkways). That is serious dedication and we are really lucky to have such great people working at Wes.

(kitab edit:) Some PSafe officers also stayed at Wes Monday night, making rounds and closing university buildings, until 3:30 in the morning, at which point they slept here. We’ll try to get their names, but if anyone has any information, please let us know!

Here’s an update on the Bon Appetit sleepover from our original tipster:

I talked to a couple. One slept real well on his blow-up bed, said the wind was howling though. One of them got an half-hour of sleep! He was on the floor. He kept texting and posting to his daughter, watched the kids sled at 3am.


The full list of Bon Appetit employees who stayed overnight or trudged through the snow to get to Usdan early, courtesy of Resident District Manager of Bon Appétit, Michael Strumpf, after the jump:

Classes (and Other Stuff) Will Resume on Wednesday, January 28th

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.15.00 PM

The announcement(at)wesleyan(dot)edu email address is here to ruin all of your snowy fun:

To the Wesleyan Community:

The University will be open tomorrow, and scheduled classes and events are expected to resume. It will be cold and windy, and we ask everyone to exercise extreme caution when outside on campus. Although the grounds crew is working to clear parking lots, snowy walkways may be difficult, so please wear appropriate shoes. A Middletown street parking ban may still be in effect; extra parking (and shuttle service) will be available at Long Lane.

Classes Officially Cancelled on January 27th Due to Shit Storm Juno

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.30.52 PM

UPDATE (1/27/15, 10:18AM): Welp, this storm was a total fucking letdown. In other news, here are some updates:

  • WesWings is slaying the game and opening its doors at 12pm today. We’ll keep you posted if they’re delayed (or you could just check their Twitter account periodically).
  • There’s a snowball fight happening today outside Olin at 2pm. Go frolic.
  • The ‘Dan is still planning on serving brunch from 10am-2pm and dinner from 5-8pm.

Dean Mike Whaley just sent out an all-campus email announcing that the university is closing starting tonight at 6pm through Wednesday morning. All classes are canceled for tomorrow. Other important info:

  • Usdan, Summies, Red & Black, and WesWings are open for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, only Usdan and WesWings are open – WesWings will be open regular hours, and Usdan will open for brunch 10am – 2pm and dinner 5 – 8pm. All the dining places will open for normal hours on Wednesday (so far, but who knows!?).
  • Libraries will open at noon tomorrow.
  • Freeman Athletic Center will be closed tomorrow.
  • There’s a winter parking ban, so don’t park on the street…park in your assigned lot or the Vine Street lot.
  • The Ride won’t be running tonight or tomorrow, so good luck getting to your Fountain parties from BuHo.

Dean Mike’s full email:

From The Argives: “100 Cars Towed as a Result of Snowstorm”

Or, Why Wesleyan in 1983 Was Basically Just Like Europe in 1415.

About a month ago, in the aftermath of the megablizzard, Public Safety came under criticism for threatening to tow cars buried under mountains of snow that made it rather difficult for their owners to reach them. If retweets are endorsements, a handful of students echoed the complaint.

There’s not much that’s interesting about the history of Snow Parking Bans (side note: we’re more than midway through March and as I look out my window right now, it’s again snowing), but piecing through the Argives last week I was oddly enthralled by an Argus story that ran 30 years ago last month with the headline “100 Cars Towed as a Result of Snowstorm.” After this particular 1983 storm, Middletown Police Sergeant Wood was unforgiving: “If they’re not off streets, they’re towed. It’s as simple as that,” he told the Argus.

But as then-Argus reporter (and current literary agent) Linda Loewenthal ’85 tells it, the problem was that many students simply weren’t aware that the parking ban was in effect. Why would they be? In 1983, before email or Pinterest or Friendster or whatever, it was damn hard to get information out quickly on a college campus:

Liveblog: People-Watching While Stranded in Bradley Airport


Welp, good start to my Spring Break.

Like quite a few Wesleyan students, I was excited to escape the woes of Midterms and head back home— for me, Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. For the record, snow, you are not wanted past February. It is now March. You have overstayed your welcome. Stop messing with my spring.

Because of the sudden, angry downpour of upwards of a foot of snow, my flight has been sufficiently delayed by a few hours. So, lucky for you, I’m using this liveblog as a vehicle for my people-watching. Enjoy, and safe travels!

Photos: Spring Weather Trolls Wesleyan, Unleashes Minor Blizzard

Remember that time it was warm and sunny on Tuesday and you thought spring was here to stay and winter as you know it had finally given up for the season? That was cute.

Despite Spring Break officially beginning in a few short hours, Middletown got hit by another minor blizzard last night (in fact, it’s continuing right now) that exceeded 20 inches in some areas of Connecticut. From Middletown Patch:

Public and parochials schools are closed and colleges have cancelled morning classes and the city is under a parking ban. By midmorning Friday, Middletown had 8 inches of snowfall from this storm that meteorologists say will leave the area sometime after noon.

Slippery streets are making driving treacherous in spots, evidenced by a 10 a.m. minor fender-bender on Main Street, at Liberty Street, between a car and truck.

But “don’t expect the snow to stick around too long,” warns the Middletown Press.

Because You’re Not Yet Tired of Campus Snow Photos That All Look Largely Indistinguishable From Each Other

Here’s yet another batch, courtesy of an album by the Wesleyan University Facebook page. All photos by Dat Vu ’15, Shauna Pratt ’13, and a few others who are individually credited in the Facebook captions if you feel like checking. As one Old Fogie ’82 noted in the comments section, “Great photos…..in our day this would have been an invitation to grab trays from MoCon to ‘sled’ down Foss Hill.”

lol, “sledding”? Who needs to go “sledding” when we have “Tumblrpads” and “Smart Phones”!??

Classes Cancelled Tomorrow Morning (and Maybe Afternoon, Too?) Because Blizzard

In semi-related news, Espwesso remains closed tonight.

As Nemo the Hyperblizzard progresses into its extended third act on campus, the administration has opted to cancel all classes tomorrow morning, and this time it’s for real. Straight from the Holder’s (that’s Bill Holder’s) mouth:

Classes will not be held Monday morning, and we will assess campus conditions in the morning to determine whether to resume classes at noon. Administrative staff should not come to work on Monday, except for essential personnel. We will provide an update to the campus community at about 9 a.m.

Hard working ground crews have made substantial progress today – and they deserve our thanks – but more remains to be done to ensure that sidewalks are clear and buildings are accessible. Students should continue to exercise considerable caution outdoors and call Public Safety for help with storm-related matters, (860) 685-2345. For emergencies, call (860) 685-3333.

Considering Middletown remains a surreal maze of waist-high snow drifts and Governor Malloy just asked all nonessential employees to stay home Monday, this move comes as little surprise. But couldn’t they have just made the call for the whole day at once?

Photos: Signs of Life In A Post-Snowpocalyptic Wesleyan

In this new, post-Snowpocalyptic world, man must battle machine for dominance. 

butterfields 1

When I shoved open the door to Butterfields B this morning, dressed in layers for all levels of chilly tempest (protip: Under Armor, then shirt, then hoodie, then coat), the only path to get out of the labyrinth was manmade — boot imprints probably left over from last night’s late-night partygoers.  That was approximately 10 a.m.  By the time I returned half an hour later, the CATs had carved out a path to the doors of my building but were still working on A and C.  At least the wind wasn’t as awful as it got last night.  No amount of Wesleyan hoodie will protect your face from snow that does not simply blow in one direction, but whips around and aims specifically at faces— like predator drones.

Despite the scary ubiquity of the snow, I was not the only person attempting to cross this hellscape.  Also attempting to leave were a group of sophomores from Butt A — one of whom was not actually wearing shoes.  I walked with the group through the semi-plowed paths and crossed Lawn Avenue, which, at the time, had seen exactly 0 clearing action.  These are streets, that cars are ostensibly supposed to be able to drive on— well, not at the moment.  The snow was about four feet high, and completely covered from High Street up.  So we waded across.

Going to Church Street, which was completely driveable, we all had to avoid the CAT clearing the student paths.  Don’t think about using stairs any time soon — they’re all submerged.  The way to Usdan was pretty easy from there out, as the plows had pretty much made a neat-enough path along College Row.  What’s amazing is seeing how Allbritton, PAC, and South College are impossible to get through, because the snow is just drowning them.  I was a little worried that some of these glass doors would break under the pressure.

More of my adventures, and two entire galleries of photographs, after the jump.