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Linus is Happening


Winter Storm Linus (what kind of a name is Linus?) is coming our way late tonight, which, for the record, sucks. The bright side, though, is that Governor Malloy hasn’t yet resorted to the driving ban he enacted a couple days ago. The midwest isn’t so lucky. Thousands of people are now being forced to stay home thanks to Linus’s rampage. It’s so sad that the stare-at-Tom-Brady’s-face parties are ruined. Wesleyan’s Super Bowl parties are not, however, in jeopardy. But if you’re in your dorm room watching the Super Bowl on your computer because it’s too damn cold to venture outside, nobody’s judging you. The moral of the story is that the climate’s probably fucked and snow keeps happening, and apparently Roth’s determined not to cancel classes this time around. Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about things named “Linus” that are cooler than a snowstorm.