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#FinalsSzn induced Existentialism: A Discussion on Identity, Diversity, and Nationalism

We have entered––and are surviving––finals hell. While I am proud enough to say that I have not (!!) pulled any all-nighters to finish up assignments and study for exams, I am still spending lots of time on assignments over the last week.

Why you may ask?

I am studying abroad in Denmark this semester! My program DIS has a…slightly strange…calendar system in which #finalsszn starts after over a month of two weeks of classes, then a ~travel week~, then two weeks of classes, then a ~travel week~, then two weeks of classes, then ~Thanksgiving break~, then two weeks of classes, and off I come back to ‘Merica. Needless to say, I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, gathering my papers, group projects, and coffee to make it all happen.

A budgeting note: Cafe Paludan (the place with the books and the coffee) offers a large coffee for 10 DKK ($1.52) from 9:00-10:30 in the morning. I am currently here in a little nook I have claimed for myself (gotta be a colonist somehow) writing this blog post as I procrastinate my Danish essay. You can say I’m being productively unproductive.

I’ve been gathering my thoughts about a few things: DIS, Denmark, my physical body being abroad, my mind being abroad, homesickness, and existential crises re: identity. It’s been a truly exhausting few months, and although I was preparing myself for some of this busyness, I did not anticipate that I would have to carve out time on my commute to and from central Copenhagen to stare out the train window, Türk Sanat muzi?i blasting through my earphones, pondering my existence, train officer nudging me to check my train card.

Procrastination Destination: BriTANick’s Entire YouTube Channel

“That’s not a man… it’s a bird. Out, bird!”

BriTANick is Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher, two NYU acting grads who write and make hilarious YouTube videos to entertain themselves, according to their YouTube page. The above video features them along with one of the Wesleyan Film Department’s most well-known filmmakers (and satirical Romney supporter), Joss Whedon ’87 (if you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, by the way, get on that.)

I was introduced to BriTANick during my freshman year by fellow Wesleying blogger Solomon, who showed me Monologue for Thee (past the jump), one of their first (and also quite famous) videos. The video begins with a monologue by Shakespeare, Nick gets called in when a line is forgotten, and things swiftly get out of hand.