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Solow ’12 Makes a Tumblr: “Messages For Survivors”

If you’ve followed the Steubenville trial in recent weeks, you may have found some of the media responses disconcerting. Instead of providing support for sexual survivors, popular media outlets like CNN lamented that the conviction will impact the once-bright futures of the rapists. In these comments, CNN did not detail how Jane Doe was harassed online and slut-shamed by her community (and America at large) for reporting the crime and pressing charges. CNN did not lament how rape culture creates an environment that renders survivors of sexual assault afraid to talk about their experiences and ashamed of something that isn’t their fault. One in five women in the United States is sexually assaulted and 60% of these attacks go unreported to the police. It seems like there’s something wrong with the common discourse of sexual assault.

The unceasingly inspirational Lena Solow ’12 wants to provide messages of hope and positivity for survivors that were so lacking from many Steubenville responses. This blog is not just for Jane Doe—it’s for any survivor who seeks affirmation and encouragement. Solow writes, “This is a place to consolidate messages of hope and encouragement and affirmation for sexual assault survivors. Created in response to the backlash, victim blaming, and all-around horrifying language about the Steubenville rape case. If Jane Doe, the Steubenville survivor, searches for messages, there should be something else available for her, and for all survivors of assault.”

Here is a link to the blog, “Messages for Survivors.” You should definitely check it out and even contribute if you feel so inclined.

Informational Meeting for PostWes, a New Blog

Ross loves Scalia

Ross Gormley ’13 writes in with an opportunity for students who want to help to develop a new website for the Wesleyan community. He has also, once again and apropos of nothing, included a picture of Antonin Scalia:

PostWes is seeking students wishing to get experience designing/building/maintaining a blog. The blog is simple. Alumni submit their stories and undergraduates see what life after wes is like. The goal is to have PostWes be a valuable resource to current undergraduates while having successive waves of graduating students post their own stories.  PostWes and the Wesleyan TypeClub are seeking Comp Sci majors, graphic designers, bloggers, or curious students looking to contribute in anyway! We love all of you and your ideas!

The informational meeting will take place at Espwesso this Tuesday at 9pm.

Date: Tuesday, February 12
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Espwesso (Basement of Albritton)

Read the mission statement for the new blog after the drop:

Help Us Help You Help Us Learn about the World

Your best excuse for not seeing Kitty Pryde tonight? You’re on a study abroad program! (Right?)

While the Wesleyan campus is busy not auditioning for New Teen Force, muscling each other out of the Danny Brown line, and pairing voyeurism with disorderly conduct, you study abroad kids are out discovering the world beyond our red-and-black-colored Sol Moscots. Buenos Aires is pretty different from Hewitt 9, isn’t it? Pari$ and We$hop are pretty similar, aren’t they?

How should we know? We’re in the Cardinal cave. But you, you have seen things — things that we can’t describe. So save us the hassle: if you’re keeping a blog of your study abroad experiences, and you’d like to up those page view numbers, give us a shout and Wesleying will advertise for you.

I can attest to the Wesleying Effect: my study abroad blog (abrog?) started out at a pokey three hits per week, or whenever I could trick people into opening a link disguised as an album leak. But thanks to Zach, this Wesleying post boosted my page views well into the hundreds, eventually topping out at 4,596 — but who’s counting?

So don’t be shy; email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link to your blog. Be sure to make the subject header “Study Abroad Blog” so we don’t think it’s spam.

Thanks in advance,

The whole student body and your parents who read Wesleying, by way of tuna

WesKid Launches BroBama: “Harnessing the BroVote, One Meme at a Time”

“While you sit around broing out, blasting your dubstep and sipping your Natty, take comfort knowing that Obama is a bro just like you.”

Worried that Obama’s rapidly losing the crucial bro vote to VP pick and general stud Paul Ryan, noted mountain climber, marathon runner, and all-around workout freak? Fearing Democrats can’t possibly match the punny brilliance of Nobama and bumper sticker industrial complex? Not convinced that the leader of the free world is even a bro at all?

Take solace in BroBama, a new Tumblr created by an anonymous Wes student and reportedly commissioned by President Obama himself. Its tagline: “Harnessing the BroVote, one meme at a time.” Here’s the tip Wesleying received:

In an effort to harness the vote of the Bromosapean demographic in this coming November’s election, this blog—commissioned by President Obama himself and created by a Wesleyan student—has sprouted up across the internet and received wild support. So here’s one for all you Bros out there. While you sit around broing out, blasting your dubstep and sipping your Natty, take comfort knowing that Obama is a bro just like you!

Spector ’12 Blogs, Shares “Sexy Awkward Times”

“We are all awkward. We are all sexy. It is time to accept that the two go together.”

Abby Spector ’12 is interested in studying sex—not “sex” as we discovered it when we hit puberty and watched our first porno at a slumber party, but sex as it really is. In other words, she sees sexuality through the eyes of Phoebe BuffayGeorge Michael Bluth, or the guy pictured above. Her experiences with sex education began when she became a regular blogger for the progressive sex blog Em and Lo. She then interned with sex educator and feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino ’93. This year, her experience has culminated in the beautiful blog that is Sexy Awkward Times.

What is Abby’s writing like, exactly? Combine the self-empowered sex positivity of Salt n Peppa, the unfailing pithiness of Liz Lemon, and the hilarious awkwardness of Kristen Wiig. Then mix in a whole lot of candor, chutzpah, and Wesleyan-style weirdness, and you’ve got yourself this here blog.

 Most recently, Abby has written about:

Interested? Take a look! Bookmark it! Live by it! Abby promises to keep posting, so check back whenever you’re ready for another great read. Here’s the link.

GET BLOGGIN’ OR DIE TRYING: Abloags Spring ’12!

Birds. You hear birds.

You wake up under the blazing sun. On your back. On the beach. The back of your mouth tastes funny;  the bile is yours, but you’re not sure if the blood is. With whatever scintilla of strength you have, you lift your head up to assess bodily damage. Everything’s there. But for some reason, you’re dressed up like a bunny. And you’re pretty sure somebody jacked your liver.

Man. Being abroad is awesome.

But how are you ever going to tell this story? It’s hard, because there’s just so many details, feelings, and thoughts, and you just know that when somebody asks you, when you get back to campus, “how was abroad?,” you probably shouldn’t start with this story. Because if you do, you either sound like a liar, or a showy douchebag.

So what do you do? You keep a blog, much like three currently abroad Wes-souls who have sent us their links over the past few weeks. Click on to find out who they are, and what they’re up to.

A Plea For Culture: Send Us Your Abrogs

“Then we all went to Granada and checked out this nightclub opened by this other guy they all knew. It was cool: They had pretty good paella there, but otherwise it was pretty much just like any bar back in Bloomington.”

There’s a changing-of-the-guards going on in Junior Village. As over 170 juniors return from abroad experiences all over the freakin’ globe, another 120 juniors (plus a handful of 2014-ers) embark this month on travels of their own. Some of you may even be reading this very blog post from your street cafe in Bodh Gaya or Buddhist temple in Paris! So it goes.

Last semester, Wesleying sent out a call and put the spotlight on some of these abroad blogs (read: abrogs), which mostly seemed base in France, France, France, Australia, and Pearl Street, respectively. Then came a second edition, which featured Blogspot- and WordPress-hosted forays into Bodh Gaya, Israel, and—my personal fave—one student’s epic quest to discover her namesake among elephants in Tanzania.

The point of all this? If you’re maintaining a blog/Flickr/Twitter/Friendster/Xanga/LiveJournal while abroad, it’s something to write home about. Send us the link and a bit about what you’re up to. Email staff<at>wesleying<dot>org, and put “ABROAD BLOG” in the subject line. Thanks!


So, I should totally be prepping for this TA session I’m supposed to give. Or do homework. Or clean my room. Or find a job. Or chug steroids and lift mad weights. But it’s raining, I’m hungry, and I’m too lazy to get up and leave the computer.

Obviously, the obvious solution is to blog.

And because the greatest academic achievement of any 20-22 yr old college academic-wannabe is to be what the kids these days call “meta-” (click here for details), this evening I’ve decided to follow through on Zach’s blog listing series to present to you fine Wesleyan folks a list of blogs maintained by professors of the Government Department. (I’ll do other departments next time – hello Tenured Rad-Rad!)

In case you didn’t know, Political Science blogs are alll the rage these days! (Or all the rage among hopelessly geeky people, like me. YEAHH)

In other words, screw you abroad kids! SCREW YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS (i miss denmark so mucchh). Check out the blogs after da jump.


“Study Abroad allows people to leave their current educational institution and spend a semester or a year in Europe or Australia. Though study abroad are offered to other places, these two are the overwhelming favorites.”

Sup, midterm warriorz? Approximately eleven days ago I posted a wildly successful roundup of blogs belonging to Wesleyan students overseas, whose ramblings you can access on WesStudent from good old Middletown: Notes from the Study Abroadosphere. This roundup represented blogs coming at you live from France, France, France, Ireland, and Australia. Apparently there are other countries you can go to. In fact, Wesleyan students are occupying cities all over the globe, it turns out, and not just because they’re protesting the phallocentric corporate plutocracy.

Click past the jump/continental divide for more blog submissions.

AEPi Fashion Blog Makes Long-Awaited Appearance

Alex Pack '14, one of the house's many fashionistas.

Following the stirring announcement of the Roosevelt Institute’s new blog comes another blog promising to tackle the challenging issues of our day: specifically, the fashion choices of the brothers of AEPi. Written by the mysterious “Sacajawea,” the tumblr has so far explored the styles of Alex Pack ’14 (pictured) and Matt Leibowitz ’14, with promises by the blogger to eventually cover every member of the house.

Accompanying the attached photo reads an astute measurement of Pack’s impeccable flair:

Alex was rocking out jewburban-casual style tonight:

defined by the standard cargo shorts and white adidas combo. The faded red on the grey t-shirt adds to the effect of this timeless ensemble, in a way that not only says “I’m committed to my old shirts,” but also says “……”

While I applaud this journalist’s groundbreaking work, I can’t help but notice the similarities in hir “Stay Sexy” sign-off and the “Stay Sexty ; )” of Sexty Five Pearl. Do I sense some possible intra-Wesleyan tumblr rivalry here?

Stay tuned for additional excitement here.