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O-Zi (Rob Rusli ’10) Releases Debut EP

Brooklyn based indie rapper/producer O-Zi (Rob Rusli ’10) has just released his debut EP, titled Rus Li. O-Zi is a “neoromantic/minimalist composer,” and founder of the indie hip hop collective Blue Belt. This 8-track album is dope, and I’m waiting on a video or two to go along with it—perhaps akin to YOYOYO’s Bigfoot on the beach or E.Y.B.’s jumping through Box Mountain Sculpture.

Free album download; listen here:

Blue Belt Resurfaces With “YOYOYO” Video

Today on the Alumni Video Watch series, Wes-by-way-of-Brooklyn-based hip hop collective Blue Belt (feat. Rob Rusli ’10, Saeid Vahidi ’10) drops a really freaking weird video for “YOYOYO.” The bizarro rap group just released its debut full-length LP last summer. This particular track namedrops everything from Eeyore to Harold Camping, if that gives you some idea, and the video mostly involves some dude wrestling Bigfoot on the beach. Seriously, though, the track is excellent. Says Rusli: “This is what Asian-Americans do with a degree from Wesleyan, muthafukas.” Word, bro.

For more on Blue Belt, check their Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, MySpace, Twitter, OkCupid, Google Image, and Wikipedia. Also, we’ve reported on them before; their last video was called “E.Y.B.,” and it was totally saturated with  Wes-peeps. Dig it.

Go big, Blue Belt.

Edit: As one concerned citizen points out, “Saeid ’10 is no longer with Blue Belt, though he joins in on the occasional rap.” Apologies for the error.