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Photos: Bank of America, Meet Wes

This past Saturday, WesKids and local protestors alike led a Middletown march against Bank of America. (The bank, that is. Not the infamous $45 Trident EP by Chilly Phoenix.) The organizers: the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan. The occasion: Move Your Money, a national nonprofit campaign to divest from America’s largest banks in favor of local credit unions.

As Middletown Patch tells it, the merry band of activists made their way to Main Street’s Bank of America branch, where they flooded the entrance in caution tape and foreclosure notices. As the YouTube footage testifies, a few attempted to close their own accounts in the midst of the protest:

Those attempting to close their accounts were initially refused entry and told by bank representatives to leave the property.

A statement was read condemning the bank’s funding of mountaintop removal and “careless gambling of the health of the global economy” before students marched back to campus where representatives from local credit unions were present to help students open new accounts.

The first eleven photos are via Dan Fischer ’12. The rest—including wieb$ money shot—are courtesy of Mariama Eversley ’14. Video via the MoveYourMoneyWes YouTube channel.

March on Bank of America

The sun is shining, it’s (relatively) warm outside, what a beautiful day for a protest, eh? The folks in the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan have put together a nice little march to our local BoA that’s meeting at the steps of Olin at 3 pm! Luckily, Middletown isn’t the biggest of cities, so I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to catch up with them as they make their way over. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired enough to close out the millions sitting in your account.

 More on the action below (yeah, I’m cutting this from the end of A-Batte‘s earlier post on Bank Transfer Week):
  • Friday April 27th, 3PM
  • Leaving from the Steps of Olin
  • March to BoA on Main St.

Tired of hearing about corporate banks taking advantage of American citizens? Frustrated by the fact that the only ATM on campus is owned by Bank of America? WELL, LET’S DO SOMETHING!