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Board Games & Bubbles


From Mads O’Brien ’16:

There’s no better way to unwind after class. Come play one of the MANY (seriously) board games at the Alpha Delt house–bring your friends and meet some new people! Drop in for a quick round of Apples to Apples, or annihilate the noobs in a game of Risk. Things getting too heated? We have tons of ~*bubble wands*~ to play with!

Date: Tues, Sept 16
Time: 4:30-6 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St)

Board(room) Games!


In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Wesleyan Women in Business and the Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society invite you to an afternoon of games that promote the skills necessary for success in the startup world.

Challenge your friends to chess or Cranium, eat pizza, win prizes, and learn more about entrepreneurship on campus and beyond! Sponsored by Venture for America and the Adelphic Education Fund.

You can read here about how people in 138 countries around the world are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Date: TODAY, Friday, November 22
Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 115
Facebook: Here

WORD GAME NIGHT – Every Monday!


A weekly event, courtesy of Eliza Kingsley-Ma ’15:

Get your angst out.
Eat Snacks.
Win socks, chocolate, or mugs.
And play some Scrabble/Taboo/Bananagrams/Boggle/Apples2Apples!

Every Monday night come down to the Shapiro Center for Creative Writing to battle with your words.

Date: Monday, September 9 (and every Monday thereafter)
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Place: Shapiro Center for Creative Writing (167 High St. At the Corner of Church and High St.)
Cost: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Board Games at ADP

board gamesWe challenge you! (Yes, you.) Think you can strategize with the big kids? Has King of the Nerds inspired you to prove your chess skills to every passer-by? Do you just like playing Apples to Apples sometimes to unwind? If so, have we got an event for you…

Board Games at ADP!  B O A R D  G A M E S @ A D P.  B  O  A  R  D    G  A  M  E  S     A  T    A  L  P  H  A    D  E  L T  A    P  H  I.

That is all.

Date: Today, Wednesday the 30th
Time: 4-7:30pm
Place: Alpha Delt, 185 High St.
Cost: your soul
Links: Facebook

Board Games @ ADP

From the rushtastic, fantastic Charming Yu ’13:

Did you know that Men and Women are from different planets? Or that playing Quicksand carries some Risk? Want to Settle some Catan or Pursue Trivia?

Visit Alpha Delt this Tuesday night and have these questions answered..and more! We’ve got board games galore and plenty of snacks. Lots of fun.

Time: 7-9 pm
Date: TOMORROW, 9/18
Location: Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St.) Living Room

Lego Night @ Well-Being House

Natalie Sacks ’14 wants to build with you:

Come join Well-Being House for our last party of the semester, this time with Legos! Embrace your inner child, take a break from studying, and come play with us. There will also be board games and snacks. Well-Being House is on the corner of Court and Pearl.

Date: Saturday, April 21
Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Well-Being House (250 Court)
Cost: Free

“Another Awesome Board Game Night” @ Well-Being House

From Natalie Sacks ’14:

Need to relax on a Saturday night but can’t think of anything fun to do? Wanna just chill out, play some games, and meet some awesome new friends? Well-Being House is having another Board Game Night, this Saturday night at 9 pm. Stop by anytime, and get ready to have fun!

Date: Saturday, April 7
Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Well-Being House, 250 Court Street
Cost: Free

Board Games and Mocktails at Well-Being House

From Natalie Sacks ’14:

A reprise of last semester’s wildly popular late-night board game night, this time with mocktails! Come whenever, and stay as long as you like. Get to know new awesome people by playing tons of fun board games and see a great house, if you’re interested in applying…

Date: Saturday, February 4th
Time: 9 PM – 12 AM
Place: Well-Being House (250 Court St, on the corner of Court and Pearl. Head down High St, pass DKE and Downey House, and take a right.)
Cost: nada.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Board Games at Alpha Delt!

From rush-tastic Becky Gillig ’12 and Lilly Holman ’15:

Come to BOARD GAMES at Alpha Delt, 4:30-6 today!
Bring your Bananagrams and impress everyone with how well you can make words out of letters! Wow!
Show off your travel size boggle set! Its just so darn convenient!
Bring Settlers of Catan and try out your new expansion pack (Knights, Seafarers, Barbarians, oh my!)!!!Or you could play one of these games that we already have:
Operation, Cranium, Quoridor, Risk, Balderdash, Scrabble, Pictionary, Twister, Trivial pursuit (Disney and Harry Potter, as well as original) , Pyramis (dont know what this is, but IT IS IN FRENCH), Taboo, Guess who, The Great Museum Caper (CLUE), Dirty minds (The game of naughty clues), Jumanji, Axis and Allies, Matoca (The ancient Aztec word “touch” inspires a unique strategy game), Star trek chess, Diplomacy, Lionheart, Power puff girls game (saving the world before bedtime)
 Or, if you dont like board games you could bring cards. That works too.
Date: Today, Feb. 2
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi Living Room
Cost: free