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Bomb the Static WestCo Industry!

This post features a guest perspective by Will F. ’13 regarding a show organized by Will F. ’13, which also featured Will F  ’13. Also included: lots of photos of everyone else who enjoyed the hell out of this showincluding, but certainly not limited to, Will F.  ’13.

You don’t need to serve on the Concert Committee to organize a show at Wesleyan. You just need to approach the Committee for approval, with backing from a WSA-recognized student group.

Will F. ’13 knows how the system works. (Why don’t more students take advantage of this?) That’s how he made this fantastic(al) dream lineup become a reality last Friday night at WestCo Cafe. On the bill: notoriously rowdy rock-rap collective Static Stamina (featuring Nicole Lepre ’13, Danny Sullivan ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Stefan Skripak ’13, Jacob Eichengreen ’13, Nate Jacobs ’13, and Will F. himself); Skidmore-based “friendcore” rockers The Hand-Me-Downs; and—here’s the kicker—seminal DYI punk group Bomb the Music Industry!, which is basically Static Stamina’s collective favorite band ever. Thanks, Student Budget Committee. You’re the best!

After the jump you’ll find choice images from Static and Bomb! sets (sorry, Hand-Me-Downs—too busy working the door to photograph yours), plus Will’s roundup of favorite moments from said performances. Mad creepy A-Batte face shots at no extra cost.

Bomb the Music Industry w/ Static Stamina + Hand-Me Downs

Remember that scene in PCU where Gutter stumbles into George Clinton’s tour bus and accidentally ends up bringing his favorite band to The Pit at Port Chester University? [No, you don’t. You haven’t seen PCU. WHY HAVEN’T ALL WESLEYAN STUDENTS SEEN PCU?!?!] This is basically what’s happening at WestCo tomorrow night, except Gutter is Will F. ’13, and Parliament is Bomb the Music Industry!, and Port Chester is Wesleyan (no, really, guys—it is), and [one of] Will’s band[s], Static Stamina (who just put up a new song last night), is opening. HOLY SHIT IT’S REALLY HAPPENING YOU SHOULD BE THERE ENTHUSIASM ENTHUSIASM.

Never mind. Just check out the poster. Click it for Facebook linkage: