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Just Food Dinner

Long Lane Farm, the North End Action Team and Bon Appétit are co-hosting a sit-down charity dinner to support the North End Farmer’s Market:

The North End Farmers Market is a wonderful and vital space in our community, and through its double dollars program it makes fresh, local, organic produce accessible and affordable for everyone! 100% of the proceeds from this dinner go directly to the double dollars program. Come enjoy some delicious food, generously catered for free by Bon Appétit, meet organizers from NEAT and Long Lane, discuss food justice, and support your local farmer’s market! Suggested minimum donation is $25 for adults, $15 for students and youth, cash or check. Donating gets you a three course meal, no extra charges! Check Facebook for the menu, vegan options available.

Date: Tuesday, May 8
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons, 3rd floor Usdan (45 Wyllys Ave.)
Cost: $25 minimum donation for adults; $15 minimum donation for students/youth, cash or checks made out to “North End Action Team”

If you can’t come, but still would like to support the Double Dollars program, you can donate at this You Caring page.

What’s Up With Usdan Receipts?


Apparently there’s a Usdan receipt conspiracy. I’ve been hearing around campus lately that the Marketplace has been failing to give receipts to students, most notably at brunch. Maybe it’s deliberate, or maybe it’s a minor slip-up. Either way, at this point in the semester, most of us are dangerously low on meals or points (or maybe both), and getting our receipts is quite helpful. So I set out to investigate the matter.

For one, this required actually going to Usdan, which I barely do. But I Usdan-ed religiously this week, motivated by the quest to get to the bottom of this receipt dilemma.

Unofficial Orientation Series 2015: Eating and Drinking at Wes

This post is an updated version of the Eating and Drinking installment of last year’s Orientation Series.


Eating and drinking is a necessity for all living beings, even during your hazy college days. While we all have to adjust our food standards from delicious home-cooked meals to university food, trust me, it could be worse. Wesleyan has many options for dining that you can enjoy regardless of your dietary orientation. Although we lost to Oberlin last year for “most vegan friendly school,” we still have awesome vegan food and our friends at the Mongolian Grill are always willing to cook up a chicken tortilla topped with cheese if it’s protein that you want.

This is a part of the Unofficial Orientation Series 2015 to remind you to eat your veggies.

Bon Appetit Workers Camped Out during Storm So We Could Have Food


We got this “event” in our inbox after midnight Tuesday while Juno was happening:

Three Bon Appetit workers, Ryan, Peter, and Mike, plus managers, all camp out in the Usdan Center overnight during Juggernaut Juno so as to cook all of us motherfuckers food tomorrow. Party! Be sure to lay them down your thanks!

Place: Daniel Family Commons

Turns out that not only did eight Bon Appetit employees and managers stay overnight, but 20 others either walked to work or ignored the driving ban to get to Wes so that Usdan could open in time on Tuesday morning after the storm. Add in Ed Thorndike ’89 and Karen Kaffen-Polascik of WesWings and their whole staff who also fed us, and the grounds crew that plowed/shoveled snow through the night and early morning (even shoveling some individual senior house walkways). That is serious dedication and we are really lucky to have such great people working at Wes.

(kitab edit:) Some PSafe officers also stayed at Wes Monday night, making rounds and closing university buildings, until 3:30 in the morning, at which point they slept here. We’ll try to get their names, but if anyone has any information, please let us know!

Here’s an update on the Bon Appetit sleepover from our original tipster:

I talked to a couple. One slept real well on his blow-up bed, said the wind was howling though. One of them got an half-hour of sleep! He was on the floor. He kept texting and posting to his daughter, watched the kids sled at 3am.


The full list of Bon Appetit employees who stayed overnight or trudged through the snow to get to Usdan early, courtesy of Resident District Manager of Bon Appétit, Michael Strumpf, after the jump:

Bon Appétit Contract Negotiations

bon appetit

The Local 217 Union stewards and negotiations committee wants the Wesleyan community to be aware of upcoming contract negotiations:

Monday, February 17th, Bon Appétit and Local 217, which is all the food service workers will be starting contract negotiations.

As food service workers we want to continue providing you with the quality of service and meet your expectations while you are here at Wesleyan. We are hoping for a positive outcome, and that the company will maintain and improve the benefits that we deserve.

If you’re interested in other faculty dealings, check out these articles:

Chunks of Wesleyan History Experienced by Sharon Wade, Bon Appetit Employee


Not too long ago, Sharon Wade – one of the Bon Appetit employees that we all know and love –  agreed to meet me in Usdan for an interview. She greeted me with kind blue eyes and a genuine smile. I knew she had been here a very long time and I wanted to pick her brain about her experiences at Wesleyan. She had warned me in advance, the week before at work, about how she’s prone to going on and on and reassured me that I shouldn’t be afraid to cut her off if necessary. As we got into the flow of the interview, which was not very difficult with Sharon’s enthusiasm, I certainly knew what she meant, but by no means was I going to stop her. Sharon sat with me in Usdan for approximately an hour, during which she told me about what she’s learned during her time at Wesleyan, expressed both her loves and her qualms with campus issues, and shared some wonderful anecdotes about students. The following is a transcript of our conversation, edited for clarity.

How long have you been working at Wesleyan?

Probably… around 29 years. A long time – flown by, just like that. It has flown by!

Has it been at Weshop the whole time?

No, this is my second time at Weshop. Because we can move all around. We just have to bid on jobs, awarded by seniority, throughout the campus. We’ve all done probably most everything. I’ve been a cook. For overtime, I did tons of utility. That took me around the world… I’ve done register at the old campus center, I’ve done it [at Usdan], I’ve done at Weshop, so everybody has really moved around, which is a great part of the job because [you can say,] ‘you know what, I think I’ll do that.’ As long as you’re qualified and you’re the most senior person signing – and everybody signs – you get to the job.

Student-Food Worker Coalition Meeting

rfrjAlways making the world a better place, Manon Lefevre ’14 is here again with an important message:


Frustrated with the way Bon Appétit employees are treated by students?

Interested in trading recipes, food sustainability ideas, and chances to work with the Usdan chefs and dining hall employees themselves?

Do you want to begin a dialogue and forge an alliance with the very people who make, serve, and sell your food?

Then YOU should come to the STUDENT-FOOD WORKER COALITION MEETING! Come build bridges, forge alliances, start a dialogue.

Date: November 6, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: Usdan Multi-Purpose Room (by the package room)
Cost: Free

Fall VACATION: Dining Hours


If you’re staying on campus for Fall Break and want to eat, you’re kinda out of luck! Bon Appetit dining services is on break and won’t resume for regular hours until Wednesday, October 23 (though it’s open for dinner on Tuesday evening):

dining hrs!

On the bright side, Weshop is open every day of break from 2-6 p.m. and resumes regular hours on Tuesday, October 22. Meanwhile, WesWings is similarly closed until Tuesday dinner, but Red & Black Cafe is open regular hours throughout break, according to this, which looks authoritative because it’s in red:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 1.07.37 PM

Otherwise, if you want to conserve points, Neon Deli (across from Freeman), Marco’s Deli (Williams Street, across from LoRise), and Nardelli’s (Washington Street next to BuHo) are the best options without actually leaving the vicinity of campus. There are also the late-night food carts—falafel, whey station, new hot dog people. They will probably be out there also.

Informational Session on Paid Positions at Long Lane Farm

Ross Levin ’15 wants to get dirty with you:
Bon Appetit, the food service company at Wesleyan, wonderfully and thankfully provides the Long Lane student-run Farm here with wages for student workers (including work study!).  If you like to play in the dirt, want to learn about growing your own food, or just want to get out from inside the box you’re in or out from behind the box you’re staring at, join us at an informational meeting about these positions (also, come volunteer at the farm every Saturday morning and other times!!).  All levels of experience are encouraged to come, but students who have volunteered at the farm for at least one semester will be given priority.  See you there!
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 10
Time: 8:30 PM, this Tuesday
Place: The UOC, 190 High St