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Photo Evidence: Bones Complex, Wes Cardinal @ Senior Barbecue

 No, we didn’t snag video proof of Dean Brown belting out “White Rabbit” and “Be My Baby” at Saturday’s Senior Barbecue, but here’s a pretty close estimation.

The Senior Barbecue ensued as planned in the Fountain/Pine backyards, with grilled chicken, smiles, and bright orange wristbands for all. Also, there was a raffle. Congratulations to whoever won that cool thing. Scroll on for photo coverage of a performance by Bones Complex (following closely on their performance at The Mash last week) and general shenanigans by Wes Cardinal ’13, who frolicked boisterously around the green and then got brutally attacked by “Big Willie Style” Feinstein ’13. Images by me and Goatmilk.

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Study: The Mash Exactly Like Spring Fling, Except Not

No, we didn’t film President Roth’s dance moves, but this link is always good.

The Mash, a first-time-ever Music & Public Life initiative, totally happened, and it was totally like a cross between Fête de la Musique and Spring Fling, what with the whole people-chilling-on-the-hill-in-beautiful-weather thing going on. There were bands all over the freaking place—Mattabassett (more like Mattabadass, amiright?) String Collective jamming out with President Roth outside Usdan, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at WestCo, Bones Complex and The Taste outside Olin, and a bunch more that I’m not bothering to name. For images of the Mattabassett/Roth collab, check out the University’s photo album. Here’s Roth, and here’s his fan club:

The Mash: A Music & Public Life Initiative

Not that dumb game you played in middle school.

“You know what I wish?” says person number one. “What?” says person number two. “I wish that several of the talented musicians that attend/have attended Wesleyan will select a day in which they scatter themselves about the campus and play their music loud and for all to hear,” says person number one. “Wouldn’t that be nice?” But person number two does not respond because they left the conversation. Sad story, but true. Fortunately, if you are person number two, your wishes are being granted—by Chelsie Green ’14, Michael Roth ’78, frequently returning alumni Bear Hands, and a whole committee of students and faculty:

The Mash, inspired by Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, will highlight the student music scene at Wesleyan and kick off the year-long campus and community-wide Music & Public Life initiative.

The event will open with President Roth and other faculty members performing at noon on Friday, September 7 in the Usdan Courtyard. From 2-5 pm, three stages, located at the WestCo Courtyard, Usdan Courtyard and Olin Library Lawn, will feature some of Wesleyan’s student musicians, as well as newly formed groups (30 minutes of every hour will be left unbooked, so come ready to play with whatever instrument you need to make music—drums, amplifiers, and microphones will be provided). From 5-8 pm, THE MASH will continue on Andrus Field with a performance by campus band Treasure Island. This stage will be headlined by BearHands, an alumni band. Meanwhile, an all-campus outdoor barbecue dinner will be happening on Andrus Field/Foss. As a part of the event, small instruments will be handed out to encourage everyone to make music.

Edan & Paten Locke / Bones Complex / The Freestyle Collective @ Psi U

This shit is poppin’ off. You would be remiss to miss it. (Battle of the Bands should be over by the time Edan takes the stage, so bring your prefrosh to both, yo.) From the one and only Bones emcee ZachG ’13:

EDAN is known for his unlikely take on hip-hop culture, where traditional rap songs are often skewed by 60’s rock samples, tape echoes, and foreign language choruses, not to mention the off-beat humor and surrealist imagery incorporated via his lyrics. His latest mega-mix, entitled ‘Echo Party’, is an astounding pastiche of dance, rap, and punk that utilizes everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and moog to kazoo. Edan’s previous effort, Beauty And The Beat, drew worldwide acclaim. Despite being off the beaten track musically Edan blends these influences perfectly into something new. Rock-based psychedelia married with some of the pillars of hip-hop and whatever’s taking his fancy at the time… On stage, his repertoire includes cutting up records such as Thin Lizzy’s ‘Johnny the Fox’ while spitting his verse over it in good time, not to mention simultaneously stepping on a delay pedal for the sake of added texture…

BandCampWes: ZachG ’13 Strikes Back with Hypothesis Track, Video

Don’t call it a comeback: after three sweaty months in Crown Heights and a semester-long Buddhist immersion in Bodh Gaya, India, Wes emcee ZachG—Zach Goldberg ’13, also of campus funk/rap fusion act Bones Complex—is spitting beats, rhymes, and life from his home in Durham, NC.

Bones Complex will be back in action this spring. Until then, Hypothesis, a Durham-based hip hop crew, is Goldberg’s main squeeze, and “No Matter What Road” is its most powerful track yet. Check the sweet video for the track above—filmed by Goldberg over a six-month span, the clip features footage shot in Brooklyn (sup, Crown Heights Arts Gallery), Durham, and Bodh Gaya, with cameos by a whole buncha Wes peeps along the way. As Goldberg himself explains,

Wes EarthFest Coverage by Middletown Patch

Middletown Patch offers up some video and news coverage of Friday’s first Wes Earth Day celebration on Foss, which featured performances by Bones Complex and Men With Bad Manners:

Guilmette said mostly everything came together without a hitch — save for the sound system. But that was quickly resolved and the first student band, Men With Bad Manners, took the stage with a slow reggae tune.

Wesleyan Farmers Market organizers Danny O’Donnell, ’14, and Olivia May, ’14, offered warm, just-blended samples of almond-walnut butter on slices of banana or apple.

The event ran from 3-6 p.m. and proceeds from the gently used clothing sale and silk-screened T-shirts benefitted the CT Fund for the Environment.

Photos + full story here. Video after the jump.

Hip-Hop Show: Elements

Submitted by McKenzii Webster ’13:

A showcase you are not going to want to miss!

L.A. (Latasha Alcindor ’10)
Zee Santiago
Spoken Phor
Maxxx Flair
Bones Complex
with DJ Sankofa as House DJ!!

After-party will be in Malcolm X House basement at 11:00 PM! DJ Kraff Swagger from NY will be spinning!!

Co-sponsored by: Ujamaa, Beta Beta Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Pi Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Ajua Campos, and WESU FM

  • Date: Saturday, February 26
  • Time: 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM; after-party at 11:00 PM
  • Place: Exley Science Center Lobby; after-party at Malcolm X House basement
  • Cost: Free!

Omar Offendum and Bones Complex at Eclectic!

Brought to you by the Pakistani Flood Relief Initiative: Syrian-American emcee Omar Offendum will be tearing up Eclectic tonight with Wesleyan’s Bones Complex. All proceeds go to Oxfam, Islamic Relief and the Red Cross to assist victims of flooding in Pakistan! You know you want it!

  • What: Omar Offendum and Bones Complex!
  • Where: Eclectic Society
  • When: Tonight, 10:30pm-1:00am
  • Cost: $3 at Usdan/$4 at the door
  • Wordsmith/Fly Machine/Bones Complex @ 200 Church

    Bones Complex frontman and reasonably friendly individual Zachary B. Goldberg ’13 sends in word of an exciting happening at 200 Church this Saturday:

    Ey yall,

    I know there’s a lot going on Saturday night, but we got one more jam you need to check out. Wordsmith and The Concert G’s, Fly Machine, and Bones Complex are gettin’ down with some dirty, blast-out-ya-speakers funk at 200 Church. This show is gonna be like a Peanut Butter and Jesus sandwich. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the lineup:


    Come out and celebrate fall’s arrival at FALLAPALOOZA-an evening of music and food on the CFA Green!

    Sponsored by the 2013 Class Council. Featuring a delicious meal from Bon Appetit for a meal or points swipe!

    And music from the all-sophomore bands Thelonious Funk, Bones Complex, The Japanese, and Linus. And, the sophomore wanna-be’s, the Clover Street Band!

    Free Wesleyan 2013 t-shirts for sophomores, so bring your WesID! In celebration of the class of 2013, but open to all!

    • Date: Saturday, Sept. 25
    • Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    • Place: CFA Green