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Concert Committee Info Session

An invitation from Chelsie Green ’14:

Did you know that a fairly large sum is given to Concert Committee every year for any student to book a concert? Are you interested in booking a concert but don’t know how to? Come see us this Friday at 5pm in PAC 001!

Date: Friday, January 24 (tomorrow!)
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Place: PAC rm. 001

Book Shows @Wes w/ RPMU


From Hannah Baker ’14 and Eric Lopez ’15:

Want to book and/or help out with concerts on campus? JOIN RPMU a.k.a. The Artists Formerly Known As Radical Performance Machine + Underdog!

Danny Brown, How To Dress Well,  Sweater Beats, Prince Rama, Sinkane, Delicate Steve and many more rocked Wes in the last year alone. RPM & UNDERDOG were the booking groups that made those and most of the other shows you saw around campus last year happen…RPMU is the booking group that is going to make sure that shows like that keep happening on campus. The two groups have decided to come together to streamline the booking process and help students interested in the live music scene at Wes get involved. We’d like to invite anyone and everyone interested in concert booking, music journalism, graphic design, or concert videography/photography/audio recording etc. etc. to come join the team!

If you have ever been interested in bringing your favorite artist to play at Wesleyan or would like to get involved in concert design and promotion on campus, WE ARE HERE TO HELP WITH THAT! Freshman are more than welcome to join!

Concert Committee Forum

The inestimable Chelsie Green ’14 invites you to an open forum at which many topics will be addressed, none of which will be booking Spring Fling:

Concert Committee is holding a forum this Thursday for anyone looking to voice concerns, suggestions, or comments relating to CC’s operation this year. If you can’t make it, feel free to email me at chelsietgreen(at)gmail(dot)com with anything you’d like to let us know.

Date: Today, May 2
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 112
Cost: None

Guest Post: Yes, It Is a Problem That There Is Not a Single Woman in the Spring Fling Lineup

Bernstein ’13, a senior and former member of Spring Fling Committee, reflects on male domination in the Wesleyan music scene—and how it can be changed.

Riot grrrl supergroup Wild Flag performs at Eclectic in October 2011. Photo by Rachel Pincus ’13.

Ally Bernstein ’13 offers a critical view on the 2013 Spring Fling lineup, weighing in on an argument that appeared in the comments section of Thursday night’s announcement post:

As I struggle to match words to my experience, I recall the last time someone wrote an article critical of the gender imbalance in the Wesleyan music scene. Avery Trufelman ’13 wrote a Wespeak in 2010 in response to our general feelings of malaise as well as an upsetting incident of sexual assault at a Titus Andronicus concert. And while she wrote it during the beginning of our sophomore year, as a senior, I wonder how much has changed. At the recent, excellent Potty Mouth concert in the WestCo Café, an overwhelmingly male audience turned out to watch four punk ladies from Northampton churn out sweetly melodic lo-fi tunes. Spring Fling Committee is 72% male. The Spring Fling lineup is 100% male. The majority of campus bands are still male.

Since the Potty Mouth show, I’ve tried to figure out why. Why don’t more female Wesleyan students attend shows, and why don’t more female Wesleyan students play shows? Why are women not engaged by what Wesleyan has to offer? In 2012 I visited a friend living in Olympia, Washington, birthplace of riot grrrl and home base of Kathleen Hanna, who spoke at Wesleyan in 2010. I attended a show at my friend’s house, and every single band out of the four that played had at least one non-male member. Many had more. Not only did these ladies kill it, but the atmosphere in the crowded living room was electric. Men and women and non-binary folks were all feeding off the positive energy of dedicated people making good music. During that trip, I sat in on some band practices where people of all genders were collaborating and sharing and just figuring things out. The attitude was infectious.

Concert Committee Information Session

Also: committee seeks frosh to fill fifth seat. Scroll for details.

Want to book a show? Want to join Concert Committee? Want to join Lightning Bolt? PAC 001 is the place for fun, according to Chelsie Green ’14:

Concert Committee is looking for a freshman to fill the last seat. We might be looking for you. If you are interested in allocating funds for the concerts that happen on campus (aside from Spring Fling), please come to our info session this Wednesday at 6 pm in PAC 001. To apply, please answer these questions and send your answers to ctgreen@wes by Wednesday, 9/12 at 6 pm. Interviews will be held on Friday, 9/14.

  • What is the role of Concert Committee?
  • Why do you want to be on Concert Committee?
  • Do you have any experience in planning events?
  • What are your other commitments (clubs, publications, sports, etc.)?
  • Can you check your email daily (sometimes several times a day)?

This info session is also for all students (any year!) who are interested in booking concerts.

Concert Committee On Booking Bands Over the Summer

Musically, September of last year was a bit slow. With various obstacles impeding summer booking processes, the first major musical act, Bear In Heaven, didn’t arrive until about a month into the year.

For the Fall 2011 semester, Concert Committee wants to hit the ground running. With some “careful legislative maneuvering”, the committee has constructed the following processes for concert proposals and bookings over the summer. Sky Stallbaumer ’12 writes:

-We are only working with 12.5% of our full budget right now, which is in the ballpark of 10k. This means that any request over $1000-$1500 is a significant chunk of what is available.

-We will only be considering shows that are being planned for the first 2-4 weeks of school. Please don’t email us now about shows that you want to put together later in the semester, because that can wait until we get back. Obviously there are some rare exceptions to this, like if you’re trying to put something high-budget together, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.