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Parents Talk: Winter Break Controversy ’12/’13

We’re now four weeks into break with one left to go. As a senior back on campus, I can tell you it seems a lot of people have found excuses to come back early. Is break too long, or does it offer the optimal amount of time to get a job, an internship, work on one’s thesis, or do something else productive? Regardless of how you feel, your parents sure have opinions. Some gems from the “parents_talk” listserv:

“At this moment we Californians are blessed with a relaxing, sunny (as in no snow) riotous (bumpy backroad stand-up-in-the-jeep) vacation with our daughter who is also preparing for her upcoming “internship” when we return to the Bay Area. It couldn’t be sweeter. That said, in speaking to her about the viewpoints expressed here, she’d gladly “trade” several winter break days for a couple of extended weekends with no classes to get on top of the voluminous workload at school…just because she loves it so much!!” – P’15

“If you live in a rural college town that is also dormant for part of Wes’s break, there are no museums open. Many local businesses also close. The local college kids sew up any internships, via long-standing program relationships. Sleeping, movies, reading, and walks are fine for a few weeks, as is visiting, but eventually sibs and high school friends head back to school. And the Wes kid – is – still – on – break. It’s like waiting for Godot.” – P’15

“My daughter works SO hard on her double majors at Wes that she both needs and benefits from the downtime over winter break. I know she is going back re-charged and ready to give her best for the spring semester and have no problem with the well deserved rest.” – P’?

“The time away has afforded my son the opportunity to experience unique travel and service programs related to his life and learning at Wes. He is currently in Africa, and is working with the people in rural areas, as well as with the small businesses looking to launch successful entrepreneurial ventures. I think this is an important part of his learning experience.” – P’14

Also of note, Roth mentioned “thinking now about new January programs” in his latest blog post. Read past the jump for more thoughts from our parents. Also, as always, please share your thoughts in the comments section.


I know we’re all pretty much over Christmas and moving on to New Year’s and/or dealing with excruciating boredom, but this is too ridiculous and I wanted to give you time to get started for next year. Behold the ultimate DIY Christmas tree:

That’s via lifehacker. It’s a pretty good website, but I’m more into Instructables. You can pretty much figure out how to do anything using that website. Projects range from ultra-complicated to ridiculously easy to just ridiculous. There are also lots of instructables that reveal otherwise obvious truths that many of us haven’t quite gotten yet.

The best example, and one that’s relevant to the beer bottle Christmas tree project, is “How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.” Don’t tell me you’ve never opened a beer using your desk at school, because you have. Well, avoid the risk of ingesting shards of glass and use other objects…such as a water bottle (good to keep hydrated while imbibing, right?)

Digg’s 100 Weirdest Stories of 2008

Celebrate the holidays with bemusement at what your fellow humans are capable of, by way of Asylum‘s 100 most bizarre Dugg stories of the year.

Selections range from the adorable “Dogs Risk Life to Save Kittens from Fire” (#73), to the absurd “Woman in Cow Suit Arrested for Creating Chaos” (#97), to the dubiously informative “Redheads Have More Sex than Blondes or Brunettes” (#16).

The list also includes such charming tales as “Man Sues Doctor for Stapling Butt Shut” (#84) and “Guy Had Sex with 1,000 Cars” (#91), as well as a disproportionate number of castration-anxiety-fueling foibles.

My favorite: the indecently hilarious “Chocolate Factory Refuses Bathroom Access to 5-Year-Old with Diarrhea” (#3). What are yours? Discuss.

The 100 Weirdest News Stories We Dugg in 2008

[From Dana Pellegrino ’12]