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Photos: “Azz Everywhere, Azz Everywhere”

Sources Report Dangerous Level of Heat, Booty-Shaking at 200 High Street.

Y’all get back now! Y’all get back now! Y’all get back now!  Backy-backy-back now! Shake for the money! Bounce to the flow! Toot it up, hut hut, girl, let’s go! Shake for the money! Bounce to the flow! Toot it up, hut hut, girl, let’s go! Get back, get back! G-g-g-get back, get back! G-g-get back, get back! G-g-g-get back, get back!

Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute—wait a, wait a, wait a minute. Wait—wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait a minute. Now wait a minute, wait, wait, wait a minute.

Big Freedia, the queen diva of New Orleans.

Y’all Get Back Now: Big Freedia, Take Two

Y’all better stop all this foolishness, cuz Eclectic’s tryna shake.

Remember in February when Sissy Bounce queen diva Big Freedia descended on ye olde Wes? When the New Orleans star forever changed the state of booty-poppin’ on campus with her bounce workshop, when she set Eclectic Haus aflame with her moves and basically made College Row look just like the scene in her masterful “Y’all Get Back Now” video (directed by Bob Weisz ’07 and Josh Ente ’08)?

Well, no. I don’t. Health issues came up, and Big Freedia had to postpone on the day of the show. (“She got the gastro,” claims anonymous commenter #1.) (Remember when gastro was a thing?) I cried myself to sleep and wondered if I would ever get to attend a booty-shaking workshop by the queen of booty-shaking. This time, it’s for real, and recently acclaimed Eclectic alum LE1F (Khalif Diouf ’11) is opening the show. Dylan Bostick ’13 has more:

One of, if not the central figure in New Orleans Sissy Bounce, Big Freedia has become famous for putting on some of the wildest dance parties and bringing bounce to the rest of the world. At 8:45, Freedia will also lead a lecture on New Orleans Bounce Music as well as a hands-on booty-shaking workshop.

LE1F: Pre-released tracks from his mixtape Dark York have received critical acclaim by Pitchfork, the Fader, and more, and now the day after his mixtape release, Le1f is coming back to Wesleyan!

Big Freedia Postponed Due To Health Reasons

Massive bummer of the day/week/century: Wesleying has received word that bounce queen Big Freedia is unable to leave New Orleans due to health-related reasons. As such, tonight’s show has been postponed for a date later in the semester, to be announced. (And here I wasted my whole morning doing warm-up flexes for Freedia’s exclusive bounce workshop. So it goes.)

In the meantime, just watch this video twelve times in a row tonight while banging your head against a wall.