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Film Series Special Screening: Get Out

2017. USA. Dir: Jordan Peele. With Daniel
Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford.

We’re delighted to present a free preview screening of this socially conscious horror flick. A young black man heads upstate to meet his white girlfriend’s parents, where he makes a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Video: Precision Dance Flash Mobs Board of Trustees

For the second time this year, a determined group of Wesleyan students has disturbed a Board of Trustees gathering. And for the second time, President Roth ’78 has written about it on his blog. This instance wasn’t an activist effort to draw attention to lack of student input in trustee affairs (and I’m guessing it won’t result in any SJB charges). It was a flash mob by Precision Dance Troupe. As the University’s official YouTube channel explains:

On March 1, Wesleyan University announced at a dinner for trustees a $400M campaign to support access, inquiry, and impact. Wesleyan’s Precision Dance Troupe surprised the audience with music and dance. This Is Why.

Here’s the video footage. Watch closely at 1:56, when Bradley Whitford ’81 recites the entire Decathlon scene from Billy Madison on the spot. Just kidding, that doesn’t happen.

Presidential Search

Because the only person I care about being our next school president is Bradley Whitford ’81, I haven’t really put any consideration into the Presidential Search Committee. However, Mad Weiss ’09 has and is more than willing to share.

HW: Why do you want to be on the Presidential Search Committee?

MW: There’s a lot of internal activism on campus, but most if it is reactive rather than proactive. That is, students think the administration has done something wrong, so they write an angry Wespeak about it, and that’s the end of the story. Sometimes they’ll start a petition or hold a forum, and hey, maybe a policy will get changed.

But here’s our opportunity to find someone who actually represents student interests in the first place. Here’s our chance to prevent so much student-administration tension in the first place: find a president who’s intuitive about student needs, intelligent, and has the right sort of attitude about where Wesleyan is going. And by the “right” attitude, I mean an attitude that the majority of Wesleyan students and alum would feel comfortable with.

So, students!! If you care about the future of Wesleyan enough to put in the effort, apply for the position! By this friday!

HW: How can they apply?

MW: According to an e-mail from Brittany Mitchell ’07:

If you are interested in nominating yourself for a position on the Presidential Search Committee, please send a statement to wsa@wesleyan.edu by Friday, September 15, which addresses the following questions: Why are you interested in serving on this committee? What are qualities you believe are important in a Wesleyan President? What, in your opinion, are the best aspects of Wesleyan? What, in your opinion, are the worst aspects of Wesleyan? What, in your opinion, are the best attributes of Doug Bennet as a President of Wesleyan? What, in your opinion, are the worst attributes of Doug Bennet as a President of Wesleyan?

Additionally, please include your name, contact information, class year, time commitments for the 2006/07 academic year and a current resume. Please respond with no more than 800 words.

HW: If put on the committee, would you vote for Bradley Whitford?

MW: Totes obvi.

HW: Good.

175th Honorary Doctorate goes to…

From an email sent today from Doug Bennet:

Once again, I am writing to invite your nominations of distinguished
individuals to receive Wesleyan's honorary doctorate at the 175th
Commencement. In addition, this ceremony will commemorate
Wesleyan's 175th anniversary.

Criteria for selection of honorees include intellectual distinction,
distinguished public service, and professional attainment and/or service
to the University. I would appreciate your advice about individuals
whom you believe are making important contributions to global

Hello. Obvi.

Buy President Whitford’s Teapot

You could be the coolest kid ever if you owned future Wesleyan president Bradley Whitford ’81‘s teapot. The auction is at $75.00 with no bids yet and is open for another 19 days.

Wesleyan should own this teapot. It could be a relic and put on display in the new museum they’re building in the old squash courts.

Wesleyan’s Presidential Search

This past year, Wesleyan’s President Doug Bennet announced to the student body that he will be resigning after this academic year. Say what you will, I think Douggie B. was a good guy.

That said, Wesleyan has launched its new Presidential Search:

Toward that end, the Wesleyan Board of Trustees is in the process of convening an 18-person search committee composed of trustees, faculty, staff and students to undertake a comprehensive search to identify and successfully recruit Doug Bennet’s successor.

The Presidential Search Committee is interested in the views of all members of the Wesleyan community and this web site has been designed as a resource for anyone who wishes to share or seek information regarding our search.

Now, with that said, Wesleyan is an excellent institution with an excellent reputation which demands more excellence.

I ask you, dear readers, who is a more excellent candidate for Wesleyan’s next president than 1981 Wesleyan graduate Bradley Whitford?

Mr. Whitford majored in English and Theater while at Wesleyan and earned his master’s in theater from Juilliard. He won an Emmy for his role as Josh Lyman on the hit show The West Wing. He is the co-founder of a charity called Clothes off our Back.

His distinguished filmography includes:

A few notable Bradley Whitford/Josh Lyman quotes from the West Wing:

“Senator, take your legislative agenda and shove it up your ass.”

“I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land!”

In conclusion, Bradley Whitford ’81 is my nomination for Wesleyan’s next president.

The end.