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Textbook Tip

Another new semester, another huge bill for textbooks… Usually I don’t use Wesleying to promote stuff, but I have saved a lot of money and time by using a website that does the textbook comparison shopping for you, bigwords.com.  You don’t buy books from the website itself, it searches Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all the other bookstore websites to find the best deal (including shipping, coupons, etc.).  It saves your searches and directs you at the end to the cheapest deals for new and used books.  I saved over $120 on one textbook alone.  I think I’m (almost) ready for activities more intellectually taxing than analyzing Jersey Shore, hope you are all too!

The Worst Music Video Ever

When Holly was here, she used to compile a series of entertaining, educational things collected from the Internet to help Wesleying readers fight vacation brain rot. I’m lazy, here is the complete opposite of that:

Who says television isn’t educational?

Those of you who read the Wayside School trilogy likely remember Mrs. Jewls’ belief that if her students learned three new things every day, they would eventually learn everything there is to know. Here at Wesleying, we heartily endorse that belief as part of our efforts to combat winter break brain rot. So without further ado, we present not three, not four, but five(!) facts of our own:

The first and last clips are from my own tapes; the middle two are from YouTube. Also, the second clip is not from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, but its significantly lamer successor, Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?

And to those of you fretting about the GPA carnage of last semester, this should make you feel much, much better about yourselves.

[EDIT] Whoops. I didn’t realize you couldn’t view a private embedded video. Problem solved.

[/edit by Ben, 2:25 PM]

Winter Break: congrats, we’ve made it!

Our classes are out. Our finals are, with any luck, complete. We’ve partied till sunup, despite the University screwing with Reading Week. And we’re one semester closer to graduation… sad as that may be, for some of us.

Welcome to Winter Break, Wesleyan!

As Wesleying co-founder Xue Sun ’08 wrote back in 2007:

It is Winter Break. We are rotting away at home, recovering from finals, nursing hangovers, playing Snood in our underwear and watching Judge Judy.

That still rings true… well, maybe, without the Judge Judy part. So, in the grand Wesleying–Winter Break tradition, we’ll be focusing less on Wesleyan, and more on things we call “totally unrelated to Wesleyan.”

And, this Winter Break, we’d like your input.

Help us prevent brain rot—or, help us promote it! Send us the snarky websites and maddeningly-addictive games that kept you up until sunrise, as your unfinished papers stared back at you from the computer screen. If you’re doing something interesting over Winter Break, send us your story and some photos. If you’re an alumnus, let us know what you’re up to these days.

You know the drill: wesleying@gmail. We’ll round up the best submissions and do our darndest to keep you (mildly) entertained and (marginally) thinking over break.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be working hard to bring you a new and improved Wesleying for next semester. We’ll also be recruiting new contributors in the coming weeks.

So, keep an eye out, and enjoy your time off!

Promote Brain Rot

Barely a month left of summer break! If the prospect of returning to the mental invigoration of academia is too much for you in these dog days of July, here are random things with only marginal educational value to help you put off doing the useful things you’ve been meaning to for the past three months. Yeah there are a lot of Muppets:

– Minor Muppet characters (including Beaker, the Swedish chef, and the hecklers Statler and Waldorf) have their own new Youtube video channels. Watch the Swedish chef, Beaker, and Animal reenact “Habanera” from Carmen:

– Celebrate Discover Channel’s upcoming Shark Week by making hideous pictures of yourself (or your best friend, favorite LOLcat, etc.) with shark teeth. Like this formerly adorable baby:

– Miss Piggy is Diane Keaton and Kermit the Frog is Woody Allen in the “orgasm conversation” from Manhattan:

Videogum does some ironic fan fictions. Some highlights: M. Night Shyamalan one-on-one with Alfred Hitchcock on the basketball court, Werner Herzog on “The Hills”, a recovered Batman/Joker love scene.

CollegeHumor: Comic Sans saves the day in “Font Conference“:

– A chronological recap of the epic virtual dance-off between Miley Cyrus and the Adam Chu Dance Crew that has apparently taken the preteens of America by storm:

[From Videogum and CollegeHumor]