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Break Dance with Senior Citizens. Really. Tomorrow.

From the very bootylicious Sofia Warren ’13

Whatever it is you might have been doing on Friday afternoon, this is better:
WesAGE (Wesleyan Alliance for Generational Exchange) is pairing with the Wesleyan Breakdance Club for a breakdance demonstration at One MacDonough Place, an assisted living facility in Middletown. Come down to mingle, appreciate, and participate! No dance skills necessary.
The event is from 2-3pm,  so meet outside of Allbritton at 1:50pm to walk down with the group.
Questions? Email eldery(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
Date: Friday October 5th
Time: 2-3 PM
Place: One MacDonough Place

Free Breakdance Workshop

From Marco Martinez ’15:

Raw? Groovy? Sexy? Do these words apply to you? YES of course they do! That’s why you’re still reading this right? Do you want to be more of said words? Yes. I thought you’d say yes.

Check out the event! Tell your friends!

Date: April 16th
Time: 8-10 p.m.
Place: Fayerweather Dance Room
Cost: FREEEE $$$