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Students Arrested for Dealing Drugs

Saturday evening, Middletown police officers arrived at the Nics to investigate the existence of drugs after they were called to the scene by Public Safety. According to a piece by NBC Connecticut, the two students in question “denied having drugs or drug-related materials in the room, but when public safety said they would call police, the students handed over various items, including marijuana, a bong with marijuana residue, rolling papers and other drug-related material, police said.”

The entire incident began to unfold after Public Safety was called to the Nics sparked by two students that were found to be stealing shampoo from another resident of the dorm. Their room reportedly was a place of constant activity, with people coming in and out, raising suspicion amongst other students.

Breaking: Gunman on Yale Campus, Campus on Lockdown

Wesleying will provide updates as able.

At 10:50AM, a message was sent out to the Yale community placing the campus on lockdown. The following message was sent out:

Text message to the Yale Community, November 25 – 10:50 a.m.
Reports of person with gun on Central Campus. SHELTER IN PLACE until further notice.

The gunman was confirmed to be on campus just after 11AM, with Yale Police, New Haven Police, and State Police on the Yale campus searching for the gunman. Yale Daily News reports that the gunman was confirmed to be on Yale’s Old Campus, and New Haven Independent reports that the university was tipped off by a caller at 9:30AM saying that his roommate was armed and headed to campus to “shoot up the area.” Police stated that the caller had called anonymously through a pay phone, and have yet to identify the caller.

Wesleyan Way Too Distracted By Oscars To Notice Fire at HiRise

“it’s not like i was prematurely ripped from the womb (my bed) and forced outside practically naked waiting for this kid to put his blunt out”

Some kid threw a lit blunt into a garbage can and set off the HiRise fire alarm, but with the way people are ignoring it you’d think it was the Oscars or something.

According to Luke Wherry ’13, “Some kid thought it would be a good idea to throw away the ember from their hookah into the trash.” Wesleying’s Twitter correspondents (read: @weird_vibes) are on the scene with way more detail about this fire than you can possibly want or need:

Breaking: Elementary School Shooting Leaves at Least 27 Dead in Newtown, CT

Major news outlets are reporting that a gunman has killed at least 27 people, many of them children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.   It is said to be the worst school shooting in history second worst school shooting in history, after the Virginia Tech Massacre, which left 33 dead. Newtown lies about 65 miles northeast of New York City and 40 miles west of Wesleyan, just off of I-84.

The Hartford Courant is reporting the at least 27 are dead, including at least 18 children.  A more conservative estimate from earlier in the day put the death toll at 12, but the AP just released the higher figure, which spread quickly.

The first calls came in at 9:30 a.m. this morning.   According to the Courant, one entire classroom was completely unaccounted for as of 10:30.  Apparently, many of the victims were in one particular kindergarten class.  There is no indication that the shooter had any relation to the school or students.

Breaking: Armed Robbery in Nics, Police Searching for Suspects

If you’re on campus or anywhere near the Foss Hill dorms, you probably hear MPD sirens rushing by. I just got this text from an anonymous Wesleying tipster:

I was in P-Safe and heard “assailant” and “pistol” and then saw about 6 MPD cars with sirens. Then after the fact they said something like “we have a major situation here” and when I was like “sorry if I have bad timing” they said “yeah, really bad timing.” Keep your eyes out for an email.

Also found this brief report from WFSB Channel 3 news:

Middletown police said officers are searching for two suspects involved in an armed robbery at Wesleyan University.

Police said the robbery happened at about 7:15 Saturday night.

No description of the suspects was immediately available.

Check back with wfsb.com for more on this developing story.

P-Safe refuses to give out any information over the phone but says there will be an all-campus text message soon, so stay by your phone. We’ll update this post as more information rolls in.

Update, 8:09 pm: According to another anonymous tip, the break-in took place in Nics 5, second floor. Money and possibly other goods were stolen. Victims are being interviewed by the police right now.

More firetrucks outside Hall-Atwater

At the time of posting there are more flashing lights outside of Hall-Atwater, including 4 firetrucks. Apparently there was the smell of smoke (a different smell than before) in Professor Weir’s lab and the fire alarm was pulled and Fire Department was called to be on the safe side (understandably). The building has been evacuated for now.

It sounded unlikely that there was further damage to Hall-Atwater, but it does seem that it will be more difficult to restore power to the remaining sections of the building, and it may be some time before that happens.

I’ll update this post with more details if I find out anything more. Comment if you know anything!

[UPDATE] At this point, at least five fire trucks have been outside of Hall-Atwater for nearly two hours, with four spanning the length of Lawn Avenue and one engine from the South District parked on the Church Street side of the building.

Public Safety and the MPD have set up several roadblocks to prevent traffic from entering the Lawn-Home area. Home Avenue is closed to through vehicular traffic from the corner of Ravine Avenue and Beach Street. A Public Safety officer manning the roadblock could be heard telling drivers that there is “a fire at Hall-Atwater,” while another P-Safe officer stationed outside of Hall-Atwater, on the Church Street side of the building, was unwilling to speculate, saying only that “there was a flare-up” and that the fire department had contained the problem.

As of 4:15 PM, several firefighters could be seen lugging a large, light-blue, cabinet-like container that looked slightly charred out of the building. [Justin, 4:30 PM]

Open Letter from the Eclectic Society

Eclectic has posted an open letter to the Wesleyan community on their website.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Open Letter from Eclectic:

First, we want to thank you for your support so far. There are almost 700 signatures on the petition to overturn the House Hosting Ban. Musicians, event organizers, WSA members, faculty, enthusiastic students, and alums have expressed unease with the SJB and the administration’s actions in this case.

Unfortunately, President Michael Roth rejected our formal appeal. Before break, we were hesitant to release a factual public statement before we had gone through the provided channels of appeal, out of consideration for the pending status of our appeal, and the individual students implicated therein. Now that we’ve exhausted formal channels, President Roth is back from Asia, and we are all back from break, we turn to you.

Here are the facts as we see them: on December 8, the last day of classes, there was a party at our house. A neighbor called in three noise complaints in a row, with the intent of getting the event shut down. Some Eclectic alums had come to visit, and, disappointed that the event was stopped, moved upstairs to the Gote room with a smaller group of people. That gathering too was broken up, and the vast majority of guests left. An individual Eclectic resident started to play music in his room later, with no more than 10 friends. Public Safety stopped him. The SJB charged the Society as a whole for these infractions, despite alums and hosts’ willingness to take individual responsibility for their actions.

Our objection to this punishment is manifold: We were given an abbreviated hearing rather than a full hearing, but given a punishment that can only be dispensed by the full SJB. We believe that Assistant Director of Student Affairs Scott Backer, rather than the SJB as a whole, decided upon this ban. In the flurry of meetings that ensued with Backer, Dean Mike Whaley, and President Roth, Backer was inconsistent. The SJB sanction dated 2/26 specifically banned “performances, gatherings, parties, or any events”. After students expressed shock on Wesleying and other forums, Backer hastily sent us a new letter, back-dated to 2/26, with revised wording restricting “social events, parties, concerts, or other events that fit the requirements of the Social Event Policy”. Furthermore, Backer first told us that he was punishing irresponsible event hosts rather than Eclectic; however, in his formal “Rationale” for the punishment, he cited untried individual infractions of both members and non-members all the way back to September. He particularly alluded to guests who showed up intoxicated to our ticketed, non-alcoholic events, and required medical assistance. We are surprised to be punished for assisting students, none of whom were Society members, in what we thought was compliance with University expectations.

The student body and our Society are being antagonized for unrelated incidents that took place over a long period of time, rather than any specific, punishable incident. We believe that this punishment undermines the legitimacy of Wesleyan’s judicial system. Most importantly, we strongly believe that the punishment is overly broad, punishing not only Eclectic, but the Wesleyan student body: the dedicated hosts, musicians, organizers, and attendees that make Eclectic, and the Wesleyan campus, what they are. 70% of student-run events are scheduled to take place at Eclectic this semester. We hold Scott Backer accountable for his misled intent to squash student social life, just as he was misled when he suggested prohibition of alcohol on campus last year. We hold Michael Roth accountable for overlooking our appeal in favor of blind trust, despite the established appeals system.

We will continue to look to you for support in the coming week, and will keep you posted on our plans. Already, the Sound Co-op has expressed their solidarity with Eclectic and the student body, and disappointment with the administration’s complacency. We welcome any suggestions you might have for additional ways of communicating to the administration that student social life is not dispensable.


The Eclectic Society

Sound Co-op cancels its events for the semester

This is its letter to the student body in full:

In light of the decisions made by Scott Backer and the SJB, and the subsequent appeal that was denied by Michael Roth (read here: wesleying.blogspot.com/2009/03/sjb-shuts-down-all-eclectic-events-for.html), I have decided that the Wesleyan Sound Cooperative will cease functioning as of Sunday March 29th until the Eclectic event-hosting ban is repealed or a satisfactory settlement is made between the school and the Society allowing for access to the venue. This means that all events currently scheduled are considered canceled until further notice. Shows this week (23rd – 28th) will still be happening, as there is obviously not enough time for organizers to plan around the shutdown. If you currently have a show planned later than this week, you will or already have received an email from a WSC member. Please do not contact me or any other co-op members regarding this decision, as there will be no special exceptions made and no questions to be answered except, ‘has the school overturned the decision?’ As soon as the answer to this question is ‘yes,’ the cooperative will run again as usual. We are still taking event requests on our website (wesleyan.edu/wsa/wsc) in the hopes that this situation is resolved quickly. If you are disappointed or concerned by the turn of events, I ask that you politely email either Scott Backer (sbacker01@wes) or Michael Roth (mroth@wes) to explain how the shutdown affects you and ask that they reconsider their actions so that an amplified and vibrant campus culture may continue at Wesleyan.

Members of the Eclectic Society founded the sound cooperative almost 20 years ago in order to facilitate musical events that would otherwise be impossible to fund using professional audio companies. The co-op allows anyone who is interested the opportunity to learn life long skills in technical audio production and event planning. As a result of its creation, and in spite of the fact that to this day Wesleyan refuses to create a viable administration-organized free event space, the Sound Co-op saves Wesleyan students somewhere on the order of $30,000 – 60,000 a year in professional audio service fees. This allows for many more events to be funded, which in turn means that the co-op runs slightly over one hundred shows every year. By this count, I have organized sound for over 300 shows during my time here at Wesleyan and am fortunate to have many talented people transitioning into control as I will be graduating this semester. The co-op has expanded during my tenure to include many events not related to live music, which I see as a great development.

Unfortunately, the decision rendered by Scott Backer and the SJB aims to discriminate between where and what type of event is allowable on campus, thus dictating the realms of campus culture. I personally find this detestable and am of the opinion that the full ramifications of the punishment levied have not been thoroughly considered. The shutdown of the co-op aims to help rectify this oversight.

I am basing my decision around the argument that if the Wesleyan administration wants to define campus culture and what is or is not allowable based on how ‘problematic’ or how much of a ‘liability’ they perceive an event to be for them then it is folly to have a student-run and student-funded business continue to facilitate a culture we ourselves are not in control of. The ethos of the co-op is one of absolute indiscrimination, as long as we have the equipment and someone signs up to work, we will work an event. Despite the fact that the shutdown will result in lost wages for co-op workers including myself, I feel that this is the only acceptably principled response to an unprincipled and poorly considered punishment.

Historically, the administration has been happy to allow students to organize and pay for their own shows and events because student-run and student-funded events increase Wesleyan’s social capital at essentially no cost to the school. Utilizing the WSA, SBC, and SALD for assistance allows for an incredible number of student-run events to take place every week. However, with the Eclectic shutdown, the administration is asserting that they do indeed have a say in how student funds are to be distributed and thus what events may or may not take place on campus. Eclectic is the only free student-run venue on campus that has a seating capacity of over 100. Therefore, unless the SBC has the funds to pay for pro audio services at other venues, I will consider the school to be the party responsible for funding and organizing sound services for student events. I do not report to any school administrator, I help run a club funded by the SBC in order to make campus life more exciting and vibrant. The co-op works in direct service to the student body but will not be coerced into accepting fluxuating social ethics determined ad hoc by the administration.

I’m sure you can surmise that the school has neither the resources nor the desire to take up the slack left over by the co-op (except perhaps regarding WesFest), so I will preemptively make the assertion that it is now YOUR job to organize and fund sound services for events you would like to have or plan to have on campus. Again, please understand that I am not doing this to punish the student body, but instead to force those who utilize the co-op and those that directly benefit from it’s existence to make their displeasure known to the administration. I know this decision will be incredibly unpopular but I ask that you fully reflect on the historical and ongoing relationship the co-op has to events held at Eclectic and consider this a sign of solidarity and not a dismissal of individual student groups or events. Regardless of your personal opinions concerning the Eclectic Society or the events held there, I urge you to consider that the series of decisions made by the administration are of a discriminatory nature regarding what types of events the school implicitly condones. The fact that the administration is now trying to dictate how students should spend their own money is nothing short of insulting. The more you make your displeasure known to administrators, the faster we can move on from this terrible decision and get back to having great amplified events across campus.

Yale Yng-Wong ’09, President of the Wesleyan Sound Cooperative,
Amanda Contrada ‘10, Co-President of the Wesleyan Sound Cooperative, and Max Krafft ’09, Ben Bernstein ‘10, Tom Brewer ‘12, Adam Gunther ‘11, Bill Kirstein ‘10, Sam Long ‘12, Mary Longley ‘10, Sam Lyons ‘12, Dana Matthiessen ‘09, Howe Pearson ‘12, Jeff Rovinelli ‘10, Fareed Sajan ‘09, and Harrison Schaaf ‘11

Spring Fling 2009: CLIPSE

The first confirmed act for Spring Fling this year is CLIPSE.

Confirmed by Myspace, which has them performing at Wesleyan University on the 6th of May this year, two weeks after they’re at Coachella.

So we’ve got a big rap act down. Based on previous years I would still expect another headlining act with indie cred, and a smaller opening act with indie cred… which doesn’t usefully narrow the field of existing artists.

Grainy two-year-old footage of the Clipse:

Although, anonymous respondent #21 on this ACB thread claimed earlier today that the full lineup will have King Khan and the Shrines joining Clipse and SONIC YOUTH (!!!), which would fit the established pattern and be fantastic. But Clipse is the only one of those confirmed so far, so as of now this excellent lineup is an only partially substantiated rumor.

Sonic Youth’s official site has the band booked through May, although there is a conspicuous gap between their shows in Luxembourg on April 26th and Brooklyn on May 16th. It’s possible that they could make it to Middletown halfway between those dates.

King Khan and company also have a May 6th gap on their itinerary – they’re in New York on the 3rd of that month, and in Boston on the 7th, so a stop at Wesleyan the day before the latter date is feasible.

But this is unsubstantiated! In the meantime, keep speculating. Post rumors/further substantiation as you wish.

SJB to shut down all Eclectic events this semester

Wesleying just received the following e-mail from Alex Chaves ’12 on behalf of Eclectic Society:

Recently Scott Backer and the Student Judicial Board has informed the Eclectic Society that all events, lectures, gatherings, and shows will be canceled and prohibited at Eclectic due to a “House Hosting Restriction” through April 30th, with the exception of the weekend of WesFest for pre-frosh.

These charges are being made over noise complaints during one night last semester. As a society we are distraught; if this Hosting Restriction is to remain, it will mean that NO EVENTS will be able to occur at Eclectic for the remainder of the semester. We as a society feel that the exception for WesFest indicates that the administration is more interested in creating the appearance of student life for prospective students than actually supporting student culture.

This ban includes a Das Racist and Ponytail concert, an STI testing day, lectures by Lynn Owens and Patricia Clough with the Sociology department, a college in prison fundraising event with Bro-zone, along with many other events. Many students outside of the Eclectic Society have worked hard to plan these beneficial events, and we as a society want to provide a space for them. We feel that these charges will do great damage to the Wesleyan student body, and will undermine the purpose of Eclectic’s presence on this campus.

Eclectic is asking you, the student body of Wesleyan, to help support us in lifting these charges and maintaining the planned events over the course of the semester (events we all were looking forward to). We will be distributing a petition for this Hosting Ban, please sign. We feel that Eclectic makes a positive contribution to the intellectual and artistic atmosphere of Wesleyan’s campus and this punishment is overly harsh. We have tried to provide Wesleyan with fun and stimulating events that improve student life at Wesleyan, please support us in continuing this tradition.

Please join us in appealing these charges,
The Eclectic Society

So, I’m conflicted. On the one hand, in my experience, the SJB tends to be pretty fair. When they dish out harsh punishment, it’s usually justified. Minor violations really are given warnings. Without further details about the violation that led to this punishment, I’d be hesitant to sign a petition.

That said, this totally sucks for the entire campus. Some of the proposed events benefit the whole community in remarkable ways – the free STI testing is an obvious example, but so are the academic lectures and cultural events. (Patricia Clough? As a soc major, can I just say, that’s AWESOME.)

I know we at Wesleyan tend to get very angry very quickly, but I urge Wesleying’s readers to channel that frustration. Instead of getting angry at the administration/SJB without knowing the facts, let’s try to find a way to react calmly, while still appreciating the fantastic events Eclectic throws every semester, and finding a way to help Eclectic continue doing so.

[edit 12:30am] Anna Wiener ’09 wrote a letter on AuralWes that clarifies what Alex wrote, and has more information about where to find the petition to sign. Definitely read that.

[edit by Sheek, 3/3, 2:15 pm] An online petition is also up, sign it!