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In the Middle: Prepare your stomachs!

On my run over the bridge this morning, I went past O’Rourke’s, and to my surprise and delight, what did I see, but no more plywood over the windows! I caught Brian O’Rourke outside in his trademark white apron and congratulated him on the rebuilding.

But the best part? Brian says O’Rourke’s Diner will be open in about two weeks! Prepare your stomachs, everyone! And check the O’Rourke’s Diner website for more information.

Freshmen and sophomores who may never have experienced the palate-pleasing joy that is O’Rourke’s: don’t pass up the opportunity to have a delicious breakfast when this gem reopens!

EDIT: Posted by drexmo on the O’Rourke’s Diner forums:

Brian tells us that the anticipated date to reopen is Monday, February 4th!! He also hopes to have extended hours into the evenings, ie dinner, on Thursdays thru Sundays! Spread the word!! Donations still very much welcome!!

Photo from roadfood.com. Check out their site for reviews and many mouth-watering photos of Brian’s dishes.

O’Rourke at Coppertop

Brian O’Rourke will be cooking up breakfast at The Coppertop Bar and Grill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. “Most people eat breakfast; people don’t often have breakfast,” he told The Middletown Press.

One of the dishes on the traditional Irish menu is called the “Dubliner.” It is an omelet that contains corned beef hash and Irish cheddar served with Irish bacon, fingerling potatoes and O’Rourke’s famous Irish soda bread. According to the menu, the omelet is one of the most popular items.

Another breakfast entrĂ©e is an apple and brie omelet topped with mango preserves and served with a scone and a potato dish called colcannon. People can also try the “Irish Gallway” dish, which is poached eggs over grilled brown bread with smoked and imported salmon, bacon and hollandaise sauce.

Tomorrow (Sunday, January 20), there will be a special family-style breakfast.

O’Rourke’s comes to WesWings

Apparently I’m the last person in the world to know about this, but the Saturday breakfast specials at Weswings is now being cooked by Brian O’Rourke from O’Rourke’s Diner. I also heard he was cooking the dinner special one night a week, but the day escapes me at the moment.