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Jared Paul ’11 Wants To Record You

Wesleying has received an exclusive plea from Jared Paul ’11, Wesleyan’s own recording engineer alumni extraordinaire. Today Paul spends his days recording err’one from Mad Wow to Lioness (who??) in Brooklyn and his nights floating through clouds with a boombox and Gibson SG.

You may remember Paul from his debut LP Ubeatquitous, which esteemed colleague A-Batte likened to “Obama-sipping-whiskey-with-dinosaurs.” If that descriptor grabs your fancy, consider signing up to be his next recording victim; details appear below:

I’m a Class of ’11 grad working as a freelance audio engineer and producer. Although I’ve done the whole graduate-and-move-to-Brooklyn thing, I am trying to keep recording Wes people as often as possible! Among the Wes artists I’ve recorded and mixed projects for in the past year are Mel Hsu ’13, Mad Wow, Josh Smith ’11, Fly Machine,The New Group, Grand Father, Lioness, and The Rooks.  Some samples are here.  If you like what you hear, consider having me record your next project!

BandCampWes: ZachG ’13 Strikes Back with Hypothesis Track, Video

Don’t call it a comeback: after three sweaty months in Crown Heights and a semester-long Buddhist immersion in Bodh Gaya, India, Wes emcee ZachG—Zach Goldberg ’13, also of campus funk/rap fusion act Bones Complex—is spitting beats, rhymes, and life from his home in Durham, NC.

Bones Complex will be back in action this spring. Until then, Hypothesis, a Durham-based hip hop crew, is Goldberg’s main squeeze, and “No Matter What Road” is its most powerful track yet. Check the sweet video for the track above—filmed by Goldberg over a six-month span, the clip features footage shot in Brooklyn (sup, Crown Heights Arts Gallery), Durham, and Bodh Gaya, with cameos by a whole buncha Wes peeps along the way. As Goldberg himself explains,

(Super) Late Holiday Gift? Here In Red Hook by Andy Vernon Jones

“Thanks for teaching me with your camera that an image is a mutual measurement of safety. that such images pass between photographer and subjects is simply empirical proof of hope—your lack of judgment of a facade allows its beauty—you listen with a camera…”

If you have found yourself well into winterbreak without giving a gift to your loved ones (and I mean, well after christmahanakwanza) then you my friend are in need of Here in Red Hook  by Studio Art Major Wes Alum Andy Vernon Jones ’05. Andy has taken beautifullll portraits of the Brooklyn neighborhood over the past 5 years after graduating from Wes.

“Apartment Seven Press is proud to announce the arrival of Here in Red Hook, a collection of 64 photographs by Andy Vernon-Jones.

9.5 in. x 8.5 in.
Softbound with jacket and a hand-stamped paper slipcase.
96 pages, 64 four-color plates.
Edition of 500, numbered and signed by the artist.
With an introduction by Brian Zimbler and a hand-drawn map of Red Hook by Adam Thompson.”

Wanna check out more? Click here to buy! 

Rachel Schragis: Wasted Beauty

From Ben Purinton ’13:

Can the trash we generate everyday be beautiful and enlightening? Brooklyn based artist extraordinaire Rachel Schragis says yes. Join us Monday night at 7 for a presentation on how Rachel uses trash in her art to explore waste, consumption, sustainability, and other topics pertaining to our society. Check Rachel out here  and here. Brought to you by WILD Wes!

Date: Monday, November 7
Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Place: Shanklin 107
Click me I’m a: link

Wes Alums Celebrate Beef(steaks) in NYC

Wes-Vegetarians and cow-sympathizers, it would serve you well to just skip this post altogether.

An anonymous tipster ‘?? brought to our attention the exploits of alums Andrew Dermont ’09 and Derek Silverman ’09, organizers of a recently revived Brooklyn tradition known as the “Beefstreak Banquet” in which large quantities of human beings (often Brooklyn-folk) gather in a relatively small and confining space, consume large amounts of beefsteak (and beer and bread, presumably), and engage in various acts of revelry and mayhem.

Chronicled in the New York Times a couple of days ago, Dermont also made a seemingly unprovoked reference to hipsters – possibly in response to the general milieu of Brooklyn:

Mr. Dermont, as he rushed about the Bell House [the location of the Banquet], instructing his staff to set out bowls of peanuts and to cut more slices of baguette, said there was “an undercurrent of simplicity” to the beefsteak. “Every hipster foodie in New York eats Pat LaFrieda beef,” he said, “but this isn’t an artisanal thing — it’s not a hip thing. It’s meant to be a good, straightforward time.”

You can check out the article here.

In other unrelated news, the weather outside is so foggy you’d swear Nature itself started early with the whole 4/20 business. Have a good day, folks!

Bear in Heaven @ Eclectic

Tribal drums and whirring synths. Driving psych-prog and Krautrock-style drones. ’80s mustaches and impromptu crowd-surfing.

All just a handful of the delights Brooklyn trio Bear in Heaven brought to Eclectic last night during an hour-long set. At once sonically invigorating and compulsively danceable, the band’s show was enough to convince me to plop down $15 on the spot for the Beast Rest Forth Mouth LP. Fantastic first Eclectic show of the semester (I think?), and one of the better shows I’ve seen at Wes period.  Much thanks to the Radical Performance Machine for organizing. Below is a slideshow of photos from the show; more photos are also viewable on the Facebook, here. Tag yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Boy Crisis “Fountain of Youth” video shoot

If you are female and in Brooklyn this weekend, you can be in the Boy Crisis video for “Fountain of Youth”, to be directed by Jordan Fish ’06:

We’re looking for female extras for a Boy Crisis video in Williamsburg, all day on SATURDAY AUGUST 8th. If you’re available this evening, there will be a rehearsal tonight [8/5] in Bushwick from 7 to 10 pm. Dance experience is great but not a must. You will be part of a tribe of ladies wearing body paint, and conducting sacred rituals. Some of the costumes might be minimal, but you can tell us what you’re comfortable with. There is no pay unfortunately but it will be an awesome shoot and we’ll have food.

If you’re interested please send us your name, phone number, your age (must be 18+), confirmation that you are available morning till early evening on Saturday, and a recent picture to boycrisis.mv@gmail.com. Thanks!!

[via Craigslist/Myspace]

In anticipation of the real thing, here’s one of those amazing fake videos by Bob Weisz ’07 for the song:

Francis and the Lights at NYC Apliiq Launch

What looks to be a sweet launch party for startup brand Apliiq is happening on Friday, January 2nd, at Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

Event organizer Steve Pristin ’06 (of I Smell Like Money) promises an evening of music, dancing, drinks, party, laughs and high fives all around, with apliiq and karmaloop goods on display and available as giveaways.

Francis and the Lights will be playing live along with Theophilus London, with DJing by Superdunny and Friends with Benefits.

So, kick off the first weekend of the year with Wes people in Williamsburg, see Wes band Francis and the Lights for free, maybe get some free gear, have good times.

Date: Friday, January 2
Time: 10pm – 4am
Place: Public Assembly in Brooklyn, free

Santogold with Jay-Z on B.I.G. Soundtrack

Santogold gets some street cred by collaborating on Jay-Z’s new Kanye-produced track “Brooklyn (Go Hard)“, which is Track 7 on the soundtrack of Notorious, the upcoming Biggie biopic. The hook samples Santi’s “Shove It“, and she adds a verse towards the end.

An interesting cross-pollination of traditionally hipsta- and gangsta-identified BK neighborhoods, though sadly it seems that nobody is available to rep Brooklyn in song south of Prospect Park.

Brooklyn-via-Wes Bands in Nylon

Ok here is more beating you over the head with this Wesleyan/Brooklyn thing- page 132 of this month’s Nylon magazine features “Brooklyn Bands” as a reason to feel superior about being American: “In New York’s most populous borough, you can’t toss a PBR can without hitting a good musician.”

Repping Wesleyan among said bands are Amazing Baby, Bear Hands, and Boy Crisis:

  • amazing baby: Though less than a year old, Amazing Baby play psychedelia like they spent the lat ’60s turning on and dropping out.
  • bearhands: An upbeat, occasionally pop-y four-piece that sings a hell of a good reluctant love song.
  • boy crisis: Boy Crisis is what Prince would sound like if he was actually five guys from Brooklyn. We really hope they tour with Girl Talk soon.

See if you can spot Ted Feldman ’09 (Bear Hands), Lee Pender ’07 (Boy Crisis), and Victor Vasquez ’06 (Boy Crisis) in this Brooklyn scene summer camp photo from Nylon, below: