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WesKid Launches BroBama: “Harnessing the BroVote, One Meme at a Time”

“While you sit around broing out, blasting your dubstep and sipping your Natty, take comfort knowing that Obama is a bro just like you.”

Worried that Obama’s rapidly losing the crucial bro vote to VP pick and general stud Paul Ryan, noted mountain climber, marathon runner, and all-around workout freak? Fearing Democrats can’t possibly match the punny brilliance of Nobama and bumper sticker industrial complex? Not convinced that the leader of the free world is even a bro at all?

Take solace in BroBama, a new Tumblr created by an anonymous Wes student and reportedly commissioned by President Obama himself. Its tagline: “Harnessing the BroVote, one meme at a time.” Here’s the tip Wesleying received:

In an effort to harness the vote of the Bromosapean demographic in this coming November’s election, this blog—commissioned by President Obama himself and created by a Wesleyan student—has sprouted up across the internet and received wild support. So here’s one for all you Bros out there. While you sit around broing out, blasting your dubstep and sipping your Natty, take comfort knowing that Obama is a bro just like you!

Leg Energy Get It Together

Austen Fiora ’12 is a total bro. I don’t see any of you guys sending in images titled “bikesonfire.jpg”:

Shaky brakes? Stiff headset? Flat tire? Stop by LEGIT, the free bike Coöp, every Monday from 3-5 for repairs, tune-ups, and spare parts. We’ll even build you a bike [Ed. note: !!!] for a $50. You can find us under the Hi-Rise overhang, rain or shine. Get into it.

Where’s the Money?: Socially Responsible Strategies for Wesleyan’s Endowment

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Broah. Broah who? Broah K-M ’13, duh!

Do you care about harmful mining practices, inequality in the workplace, climate change, unsustainable agriculture, human rights violations, corporate distortion of democracy, or border militarization? Did you know that Wesleyan invests in corporations that bear  responsibility for these problems?  As members of the Wesleyan community, we have the power, through existing frameworks
of social activism, to pressure the university to invest in a more socially responsible way.

This Thursday at 7PM, Martin Bourqui of the Responsible Endowments Coalition will speak in PAC 001 about the importance of this work and how to be effective.

There will be a discussion following at 8 pm with the Committee for Investor Responsibility (CIR) and the Socially Responsible Investing Coalition (SRIC) discussing Wesleyan’s investment policies and what actions we can take to make them more responsible. The goal of this discussion will be to allow students to share their opinions on the endowment. You are welcome to just attend the event at 7 pm or 8 pm, or stay for both!

FREE DINNER!!!! (vegan friendly)

Date: April 28
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: PAC 001
Rupees: None necessary