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Brometheus WesFest Show!

It’s that time of year again. Here’s the quick and dirty from Jordan Gratch ’13:

Prometheus, Wesleyan’s fire arts and object manipulation performance group, will be putting on a show at the base of Foss Hill. It will include routines using poi, staff, rope dart, fire fans, hula hoping, fire eating, and more.  Bring yourselves and your prefrosh.

Date: Friday, April 15th
Time: 8:30-9 PM
Place: Foss Hill
I’ve never seen that before!: The Prometheus YouTube Channel

Website seeks your opinion of Wesleyan

Alex Gelman ’08, an intern at bystudents.com, writes:

Tired of reading about Wesleyan in Ye Olde Reviewe of Agriculture and Cattle-Rustling Institutes? Well, stop pouting there Pouty Pauline, and do something about it!

Take the bystudents.com Wesleyan survey at bystudents.com/wesleyan, and get your real opinions out there.

Whether you do it to air your own grievances, or just to warn future generations of Wesleyan students that the all-girls “Brothel” hall in the Hewitts isn’t actually a brothel, know that you’re thoughts and feelings on this place that you’ve dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars to over the years will be heard.