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The Drunken Goods Promises to Satisfy All Your Late Night Needs


Insomnia Cookies is the greatest thing to happen in the 21st century hands down. For the past two years, I’ve heard bougie students complain: “Why don’t we have a Chipotle near campus? Where is the Starbucks? Why can’t I have freshly baked cookies delivered to my door when I’ve high out of my mind at 2 am on a Saturday night and I’m halfway through a documentary about Scientology?”

Have no fear Wesleyan community. The Drunken Goods is here to answer your prayers. For more info on how to get your late night fixing, hit the jump.

SCUTE (Turtle Club) Interest Meeting

Julia Lejeune ’18 writes in:

Calling all turtle lovers! SCUTE (Students’ Conservation Union for Turtles on Earth) is a new club that was just founded this year!

Tuesday will be our first meeting to generate interest for the club. We are working to spread awareness about the need for turtle conservation and to raise money for a few conservation projects all over the world. (Check out Juara Turtle Project if you have a minute!)

Please come out to show your love for our sea and fresh water friends. There will be brownies!!

Date: Tuesday, October 28
Time: 9-10 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 211

WeSlam Presents the Haiku Bake Sale

Cupcake Poetry

The poetic masterminds of WeSlam have a delicious offer you can’t pass up:

Do you like cupcakes? Do personalized poems make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Since the correct answer is yes, come to Usdan between 11:30 and 2:30 on Friday for the Haiku Bake Sale! For $2, you can buy a delectable treat and have one of our poets write you a special haiku on-the-spot (you give us a word; we turn it into art).

Homemade treats are great,

As is poetry, so why

Not have two at once?

Date: February 15
Time: 11:30 – 2:30
Place: Table 3 at Usdan
Hi: Coo.