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Gap Year Potluckers

From Misha VanEaton ’18, Phoebe Bodkin ’17:

Gap year takers! Ever been bummed that you can’t share the stories of your travels or wild year-off realizations cuz they sound cliché and pretentious? WE WANNA SHARE OURS WITH YOU AND HEAR YOURS! Ever feared that the explorer in you is dying bit by bit as normal civilian life takes over? WE WANNA KEEP IT ALIVE

Come one come all, bring a dish to share!!

If you email one of us, make the subject like “gap year potluck”- mvaneaton[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or pbodkin[at]wesleyan[dot]edu


Date: Thursday, October 15
Time: 5:30-7:30 PM
Place: Buddhist House
Cost: Free, but bring a dish to share

Delicate Steve @ Buddhist House

DelicateSteveFrom Yiyang Wang ’15:

Like a hydro-electric Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by post-rock minotaurs, the music of Delicate Steve will literally make you the happies person who has never lived.

They were here 2 years ago and they’re back again, delicate tunes for your beautiful ears.

Date: Friday, Sept 26
Time: 10 PM-1:30 AM
Place: Buddhist House

Meditation at Buddhist House


From Kobi Bordoley ’16:

Stressed about midterms? The impending flood of parents this weekend? Join Buho every Monday and Thursday at 5:30 PM for meditation. All are welcome! For more information contact Kobi Bordoley (jbordoley[at]wesleyan[dot]edu).

Time: 5:30 PM
Place: Buddhist House, 356 Washington St.

Midnight Snack @ Buho tonight

I just heard word of a concert that you might not know about.  Midnight Snack, an art Rock jam band based out of Boston is playing at Buddhist House at 8:30pm tonight.  The amazing Robert’s Don will be opening the show.  Check out the sweet tunes here. This will be a sweet one you’re surely not gonna to want to miss!

When: Wednesday at 8:30 pm
Where: Buddhist House
Cost: Zero dollars

Experimental Jazz Fusion: Mothguts and the Bill Carbone / Darian Cunnings Duo

  Get your music grind on tonight at Buho! From Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15, an event that will blow. your. mind.

Mothguts is a grindy NY-based jazz group featuring Anthony Ware on saxaphone, Mike Noordzy on bass, Ben Ross on drums, and Chris Welcome on guitar. They’re known for stitching free and avant jazz elements gruesomely together with grindcore, noise, mathrock, and whatever other dissonant / heavy musics they can get their hands on. We promise plenty of genre and moral confusion.

Check them out on youtube or click here for the facebook event.

The Bill Carbone / Darian Cunning Duo will also be openning with an
effects-driven take on funk and fusion.

Be there.

Where: Buddhist house
When: Tonight, April 10th. 9-11pm
Cost: Your immortal soul

Apply to Live in Buddhist House

Buddhist_HouseFrom Nikki Dodd ’15:

Buddhist House still has open spots for next year! Apply now through your e-portfolio during the second Open Bid period, which starts on Monday, March 24th at 12pm and ends on Friday, March 28th at 12pm. Don’t forget to answer all three short answer questions in your application!

Please email ndodd[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for more information.


Courtesy of Bryan Garrett-Farb ’14:

Hi. Come join for Kirtan this Wednesday 2-26 at 9:30 pm in BuHo! Bring an instrument if you’d like, but regardless bring you and your smile and open heart! Tea and treats provided.

Date: Wednesday, February 26th – tonight!
Time: 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: Buddhist House

Guided Meditation at the Senior Center

meditation-paintingFrom Nikki Dodd ’15:

Come open your hearts and minds on Friday as we span generations and meditate with seniors at the senior center. In the theme of Valentine’s day, this meditation — led by the magnificent Katie McLaughlin — will focus on love, friendship and our community. This practice is open to all levels and experiences with meditation and will give us some time to reflect inwards on a day that focuses on external demonstrations of love. Afterwards, we will have time with the seniors to talk, share stories, and get perspectives often out of our reach on campus.

Buddhist House Meditation Schedule


Take some time from your busy life and quiet your mind. Buho will be hosting open meditations every weekday at 9am and Monday and Thursday at 6pm.  Come meet some great people, revel in the present moment and maybe work a bit on that goal of reaching enlightenment.  You might even get a complimentary cup of tea.


Dharma Talk with Ji Hyang Padma


From Nicki Dodd ’15:

Lamenting the fact that you didn’t make it over to Buddhist House for a meditation this semester? It’s not too late!

Come to BuHo on Thursday Nov 21st for a meditation and dharma talk with Ji Hyang Padma! Ji Hyang Padma is the Buddhist chaplain at Wellesley College. She has done intensive Zen training and teaching in Asia and North America for 20 years. She also teaches Zen workshops annually at Omega Institute and Esalen Institute and served as Director and Abbot of Cambridge Zen Center, one of the largest Zen Centers in the country. She is gifted at finding an entry-point into practice for people who are just beginning their journey. On Nov 21st, teachings will be drawn from Ji Hyang’s newly released book– Living the Season: Zen Practices for Transformative Times–which combines Zen practice with creative approaches that support the discovery of positive outcomes in everyday life.

More info about Ji Hyang here.
More info about her new book here.

Hope to see you there!

Facebook link.

Date: Thursday, Nov 21
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Place: Buddhist House – 356 Washington Street.