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Meditation at Buddhist House

From Wikepedia. Where else?

Delaine Winn ’16 wishes to enlighten you about tranquil times at Buddhist House:

Starting this week, Buddhist House will be continuing the ages-old tradition of meditational practice at Wes in our beautiful meditation room. The house will be open for meditation every week day at 9 am, as well as at 6 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

No experience is necessary, and all are welcome. Come meet great people and also maybe attain nirvana. See you soon!

Robert’s Don Releases Newest EP at BuHo Tonight

Tryna go out tonight but don’t know where to go? Tryna hear some good music at the same time? Desperately interested in the unsung story of Narcissus’ mother, Liriope? Robert Don ’15, whose solo music has been featured on this blog beforehas good news for you:

Come party with your pals Robby D, Matty KG, and Dylly AC tonight at Buddhist House from 9-12 PM as we celebrate the end of classes by serenading, lulling, and seducing you with the sweet sounds of music. We will be playing Robert’s second EP, Liriope, all the way through, to be heard for the first time ever by human ears! Come be the first to be wowed and regale us with oohs and aahs before the work is released to the public.

Listen to the first single here!

Robert’s Don is:
Robert Don ’15 (guitar/vox)
Matan Koplin-Green ’15 (bass/vox)
Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15 (drums)

Also playing are Trash and all caps LADD!!!

Date: May 8 (tonight)
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Place: Buddhist House (it’s not that far and the Ride goes there!)
Cost: Free
Why: Music and the end of classes!

Zen Meditation and Dharma Talk @ Buho

From Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15:

Do you keep hearing the word “Zen” tossed around and are still not quite sure what it means?

Well, come over to Buddhist House this Thursday for a guided meditation and dharma talk by Zen Master Bon Haeng (a.k.a. “Mark”). He has a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Antioch College, currently teaches at the Cambridge Zen Center in Massacheusetts, and is just generally a very enlightened / interesting dude.

There will also be free Thai food after the event and a chance to chat and hang with Master Bon Haeng (getit?). See you there!

Date: Thursday, May 2
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Place: Buddhist House

VegOut Mindful Meal

From Manon Lefèvre ’14:

BuHo and WesFRESH invite you to a combined Mindful Meal and VegOut
this Friday evening! We’ll be cooking up a gigantic delicious
vegetarian, community meal cooked from locally sourced ingredients.
The mindful meal is an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on the
processes that bring good food to our plates and beyond, considering
our meal as a part of much larger food system. We will take the time
to appreciate this holistic approach to thinking about food from farm
to fork to waste, all facets of the food movement represented on
campus. It’s a celebration of good food and good people!

For this VegOut we’ll be selling tickets in Usdan this week for $4 –
we’re hoping to make enough money to keep VegOut self-sustainable, so
contributions are appreciated. Please bring your own utensils and

This meal is co-sponsored by Buddhist House, Farm House, Out House,
Earth House, WesFRESH, and SALD

When: Friday, April 26th, 6:30 – 8pm
Where: Buddhist House
Cost: $4

Realizing the Fundamental Point: Meditation and a Talk on Zen Practice


Noah Rush ’14 writes in about a meditation at BuHo tomorrow, led by a Wes alum:

This is a silent meditation event conducted in the formal Zen tradition. We will chant, sit two periods of meditation, and hear a talk by the teacher. Mark Mininberg ’81, Sensei, is a dharma successor of Roshi Bernie Glassman, founder of the Zen Peacemaker Order. Sensei trained for more than twenty years at Zen Mountain Monastery under the late Abbott John Daido Loori, Roshi.

Date: April 15 (tomorrow)
Time: 6PM – 8PM
Place: Buddhist House (356 Washington Street)

Aural Wes & RPM Present RYAT and others at BuHo


Hibiki Mizuno ’15 knows you’re always wanting to have a killa’ time:

If ya wanna overdose on live music tonight…

Aural Wes and RPM Present:

Brainfeeder (Flylo/Thundercat/Teebs) diva.
Banana Head
Wes alum Zully Adler ’11. Runs Goaty Tapes. Makes charming music.
Russian Tsarlag
Romantic low-fi death rock creepers from prolific Providence showman/illustrator/film-maker Carlos Gonzalez.”
Homie Airport
Once Cancun Kid. Half of the band (Adrian Simon) went to Wesleyan for a few semesters, the other half is Griffin. Pushing the boundaries of Tropicality.
Date: Tonight(!) April 11, 2013
Time: 9 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Location: Buddhist House
Cost: nothin’ but your dancin’ bare feet

Alien Meditations: Keith Fullerton Whitman Makes Noise at BuHo

keith fullerton whitman

The term “electronic artist” seems to mean more and more, or less and less, within the music world. In my mind, it’s as pointless a classification as “alternative” or “contemporary.” Keith Fullerton Whitman’s concert on Thursday night made that more clear than ever. I went in to the concert anticipating drone/ambient music, perhaps a Philip-Glass-via-Moog type of sound. From recordings I’d listened to—I highly recommend Generator 1—I had a certain set of expectations about what this music was going to be. Needless to say, all of those were thrown out the window very quickly.

Whitman, who mostly makes music with an analog modular synthesizer (a big ol’ box of knobs and interconnecting wires), began his set with no introduction and set right in to his noise-making. The atonal, arrhythmic sounds that emerged from the speakers sounded less like “music” than the anxious transmissions from an alien satellite. There were moments when it began to sound as if the pieces were building up to something, and then all of a sudden, all sense of semblance would drop off. Sporadic silences were followed caustic explosions of noise. For a more accurate portrayal of the music Whitman played, check out this recording of a recent show in Cambridge, Mass:

Wave Envy & So Many Other Bands @ Buho

Noah Rush ’14 wants you to come celebrate Spring with this lineup:

Wave Envy
Three Piece Bikini
Let’s Party Hats! Hats! Hats!

Wave Envy and O-Face come from another liberal arts college and play fun fun fun music.

Three Piece Bikini are formerly and possibly still Sweater Puppies.

Hyperinflation is noise and experimentation, come join them if you see Ben Guilmette ’15 somewhere in person.

Let’s Party Hats! Hats! Hats! has a new song for you.

Date: Tonight, March 29th
Time: 9:30 PM
Place: Buddhist House
Cost: Nothing

Keith Fullerton Whitman and Tim Rovinelli @ BuHo


From Daniel Nass ’13:

Come to BuHo on Thursday night to hear a pair of ear- and mind-bending electronic musicians!

Modular synth master Keith Fullerton Whitman is a Boston-based musician whose work encompasses generative rhythms, rich textures, and dense drones. Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson describes his recent output as “electronic music that, while drawing heavily from the past, also sounds like nothing else out there now.”

Providence-based DIY noisemaker Tim Rovinelli (Splatterpuss, House Party) summons shifting tapestries of raw sound from arcane homemade circuits.

Time: 10 P.M.
Date: Thursday, March 28
Location: Buddhist House (356 Wash)
Cost: Free
Facebook: Here

Vocal Meditation with Consciousness Club

When you stare into the Consciousness Club the Consciousness Club stares back at you. From Shivan Bhavnani ’13:

We’ll be making sounds. Also we’ll be planning CC’s Book of Dreams to be published this May. Tea will be served.

Date: Tuesday, March 5
Time: 10:10 p.m.
Place: BuHo
Cost: Free