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Buffy Makes Tough Decision in Comics Series, Creator Whedon Weighs in

It doesn’t always get easier after high school — not for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, anyway. The adventures of the heroine from the hit television show created by alum Joss Whedon ’87 continue to be chronicled in a series of comics from Dark Horse. In the latest issue of the current season, Buffy — living in San Francisco after having destroyed the “seed of all magic on earth” — will be forced to face one of the toughest decisions she will ever have had to make when she finds out she is pregnant, reports Entertainment Weekly. [explicit spoilers]

Details and executive producer Whedon’s wise words behind the cut.

Buffy and Family Values Lecture at ADP

Buffy the Vampire SlayerSara Hoffman ’09 writes:

This Thursday come revel in one of the most clever television shows ever made and the result of a fine Wesleyan education. Professor Elizabeth Traube of the Anthropology department and instructor of Wesleyan’s only television course, will be speaking about one of her favorite television shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So grab your stakes and witty one-liners and head to the living room at Alpha Delt, 185 High Street.

Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund.

Date: Thursday, April 23
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi