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Hey! Don’t Get Lost!

Well, frosh, you’ve survived moving in with your parents/MRoth/some kindhearted athletes, Orientation 2016, and your first tastes of independence. Now that they’re gone, you’re starting to see that it can be dangerous to go alone. Classes start tomorrow, you’ll have to interact with people, and you’ll have to make your way around campus without losing your cool. Much like a caring parent, we here at Wesleying want you to be prepared.

“Common time” is new this year, and it happens M/W/F from 12:10 to 1:20PM and T/TH from 11:40AM to 1:20PM. Don’t know what this is going to look like, but probably a lot of aimless gallivanting.

If you’re not sure where your classes are, figure that out on WesMaps. Log in to your ePortfolio and click on ‘Current Classes and Schedule,’ which will take you to the WesMaps drop/add page. Your class’s location should (finally) be in the course description.

But Wesleying, what the heck does ‘SHAN’ stand for? Or ‘CRT’?? Excellent questions, newbie. A chart of all the building codes can be found here and are also posted below.

And here’s an online version of the full campus map, which will help you make your way around. You could also do what I did in my first year and highlight buildings on the map in your orientation packet and then try to memorize it so you don’t look painfully confused during passing period. Otherwise, just ask someone who looks like they know where they’re going.

Don’t get lost! And good luck out there.

Building Codes, Because ePortfolio Speaks In Code

It’s the first day of classes. Just because you have class in AWKS doesn’t mean it’ll be awkward (although let’s be real, it probably will be). Here is the registrar’s guide to Building Codes & Locations. (41 Wyllys is going by “WYL” these days, though I still favor Career Resquash Center.) If you’re an upperclassman, you don’t need these. If you’re a freshman, you’re going to get lost anyway.

But still. Here’s a map of campus. Don’t be ashamed to use it.

Take These Building Codes, May They Serve You Well

It’s the first day of classes (eh?), which means it’s time to post a link to the registrar’s handy list of Building Codes & Locations so you can find out what the hell AWKS stands for. (Tip: it’s the Art Workshops.) Our friend 41 Wyllys, which still needs a proper name, is indicated by “WYL.” Other popular stumpers include RLAN (Romance Languages) and CRT (285 Court Street). If you have ten minutes to get from FAC to DWNY, consider borrowing a bike.

Here’s a full map of campus.


In other news, Baby SQU over here needs a legit name.

Another first day of school, another confusing collection of cryptic and unpronounceable acronyms. Things are far less AWKS when you know where ALLB your classes can be found: click here for the list of building code locations.

There is, of course, a sleek new addition to the list this semester: SQU, referring to the brand new home of the Career Resource Center, Art History, and College of Letters. Thanks, anonymous parent donors! The joint is looking pretty snazzy, but so far carries no name besides its address, 41 Wyllys Avenue. Still, it’s probably the dopest development on Wyllys Ave since they renovated the Alumni Gymnasium.

Anyway, we should probably start a competition to suggest names for the new building—41 Wyllys won’t cut it forever. Throw down your own suggestions in the comments.

On second thought, can we just go with Espressonormative this time?