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MPD nabs suspected Wes-area burglar

Yesterday’s string of attempted burglaries on Home, Brainard, and High brought police and K-9 units to the vicinity of campus, and prompted a warning from ResLife.

Early this morning, though, the alleged burglar was nabbed by Middletown Police, reports the Middletown Eye. The suspect, Jeffrey Gramfield, 38, of Meriden, is being held on $5,000 bail for attempted burglary, possession of burglary tools, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police, K-9 unit on Brainard Ave.

Two Middletown Police cruisers, including a K-9 unit vehicle, are double-parked near the Lawn Avenue side of Brainard Avenue, a street housing undergraduates, grad students, and Middletown residents. As of 1:30 PM, two police officers could be seen leading a police dog down Ravine Avenue, towards the corner of Home and Beach.

No word at this time on the cause of the police presence; but, from what I can tell, it does not appear to be any kind of emergency.

[EDIT 4:58 PM] The police presence was likely related to a string of attempted burglaries around the area of High Street, Home Avenue, and Brainard Avenue.

Maureen Isleib of ResLife writes:

We had several attempted burglaries in wood-frame houses today between noon and 1:00 PM. The suspect, an African-American male, 5’8′ with slim build, wearing black jeans and shirt with a black bandana on his head, possibly carrying a book bag, would knock on the front door of the house and, if no one answered, try to force entry at the rear of the house.

If you notice suspicious individuals or activity around campus, contact Public Safety at 860 685-2345.