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Deloitte Consulting Information Session

A post-graduation job opportunity from Alexa Atamanchuk ’12:

This Sunday Deloitte Consulting will be hosting an information session for Wesleyan students who are interested in joining Deloitte as a Business Analyst after graduation.

Business Analysts work with a Deloitte project team to deliver strategic solutions and implement new processes for clients across all industries. As such, strong candidates should be top academic performers (typically 3.5+GPA) with solid analytical, quantitative and, where applicable, technical skills. In addition, top candidates should posses strong “people skills” and demonstrate leadership potential and a strong work ethic. This is important since Analysts typically travel four days a week to work collaboratively with the client and a Deloitte project team. Essentially we are looking for sharp students across all academic disciplines who can work well in a team environment.