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Butt B is EastCo

Earlier this year a taped sign in the Butterfield B courtyard that used to read “HPPI” (for the Health Professions Partnership Initiative office located on the 1st floor) was torn down to reveal a more prominent sign (above) reading “East College“, causing reactions ranging from apathy to mild curiosity among residents who thought they were living in a fairly unremarkable dorm on a far side of campus… until now!

You knew about WestCo, and North College, and maybe even South College, but EastCo? Why the (literal) cover-up? Why expose it now? Could Butt B have been intended at some point to be an eastern counterpart to that more prominent dorm in the West? Is this some kind of passive-aggressive attempt at re-branding by ResLife?

In that case, what’s next for this latently cardinally-directed building? A personality? A cohesive sense of community? More noise? I can’t be the only mildly curious to hear answers.

Butthole Aided By Green Thumb

Micah Feiring ’11 is on a one-man mission to beautify what used to be a forlorn patch of lawn in front of Butterfield A’s east wing.

Feiring was struck by the random urge to plant things and started digging last week, though P-Safe has apparently tried to passive-aggressively hinder his progress by stealing his shovel on at least one occasion.

Witness the metamorphosis:

Defacement of school property rarely looks this good!

Flaming Butthole

Looks like the butts just got a little hotter! Mike Pernick ’10 informs us:

After negotiations in the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee, WSA representatives convinced administrators to fund and install several grills in the Butts. The grills will be placed next to the patio outside Summerfields. Residential Life will provide coals, lighting materials, and grill tools for your use. If you live in the Butts, talk to your RA about reserving the grills and accessing the supplies.

Be warned though. fire safety will remove the grills if they are used “inappropriately”, which includes “burning anything besides coals, lighting flames that are too high, or failing to clean up a grill after use.” So ummm don’t turn the buttgrills into buttbongs or whatever… ;) Also, contact Mike at mpernick@wes with any questions, comments, or suggestions for the WSA concerning Reslife

Salutations and Summerfields

To start I’d just like to say hello, and that I hope to become at least a semi-active poster here. (Although classes start tomorrow, and I have absolutely no clue what that’s going to be like and how much time that’s going to consume.) Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot to say about myself, so I’ll move on to my main topic now: Summerfields.

I’m not sure how many people have actually eaten there yet, but I ate dinner last night and lunch today there, and I have to say I’m quite disappointed. Living in the Butts, Usdan is at least a 5 minute walk, so I was really looking forward to having Summerfields open. All I have to do to get to Summerfields is walk down a hallway and 19 stairs. I was really expecting it to be so much better than it actually is.

I’ve been very pleased overall with the quality of the food in Usdan. The food in Summerfields that I’ve eaten has been, if anything, worse. And the portions are tiny. Last night I had a piece of chicken that was about half the size of a normal chicken breast–I usually eat more than one of those–and some potatoes. Today I had half a sub–which was 99% bread–and some awful sweet potato fries. You can get all you can eat salad and soups (even during lunch), but you end up eating just as much salad as actual meal to make up for the amount of food they give you. And the salad selections are very limited. They don’t have a lot toppings that are pretty standard and common (peppers, for instance). After even a few days eating there, I’m going to be pretty tired of salad.

I could live with all of this if Summerfields was still open late. But it’s not even open after dinner. It closes at 7! I am not going to be walking across campus to Usdan in the middle of the night. I’m quite willing to give Bon Appetite a chance, but to me it seems as if they have completely abandoned Summerfields to cut costs–paring it down to the bare minimum they can get away with–and I’m very unhappy about it.