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bUTTErkNiFe PrESenTs ::: DROne SET 1 & 2

New Wes music. New tangentially unrelated images. New experimental sounds from the fluid Butterknife collective. Go to Bandcamp for the blissfully free downloads!

Here are my impressions of Drone set I, which clocks in at 23:32:

  • Holy shit, I’m in space!
  • Much more variable than what I usually expect of drones.
  • Why do I even have a set of expectations for drones?
  • ak;jviji;dk;vvvvvv

Thoughts on Drone set II and some words from Butterknife on the creative process follow.

Blues and Haikus at Buddhist House

in a blue room
without shoes

Come to Buddhist House for an evening of jazz and free form haikus featuring the poetry of Jack Kerouac, Zen poet Matsuo Basho, and our own Sierra Bintliff ’12 accompanied by the esteemed Owen Callahan ’12 on saxophone.

Afterwards, Wesleyan’s own Butterknife (Hannah Overton ’11, Jon Myers ’11, Owen Callahan ’12) will tear it up in the living room.

Date: Wednesday, March 3
Time: 9:30 PM – 12:00 AM
Place: Buddhist House, 356 Wash.