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View With a Room, Part One: The Command Center

We want to see where you live. No, seriously. We do. Last week we posted a call for WESCR1B$ submissions: straight-up pixxxs of your interior decorating messterpieces, your wall-to-wall carpeting and silk poppies and homemade bird mobiles and bizarre uses of duct tape. You don’t need to have a blog or nothing like that. Digital camera and internet access work fine.

The pic above displays Peter Chu ’14’s room in the Butts, appropriately christened “The Command Center.” If the poster of Vincent and Jules doesn’t shout the message: Chu isn’t joking around. I kind of get the sense that this room needs to be seen, heard, and vibrated to be understood, but for now, Chu’s description will have to do:

The Command Center: equipped with a custom computer (hand-built by me), a  1080p 32 inch tv, an X Box 360, and a 5.1 surround sound speaker system that can be heard from WesWings (I live in the Butts). This is what you miss out on in an Occupy Wall Street tent.

Praise to Chu! Sincere sympathies to his next door neighbor(s).

Want to send in your room (house, microhouse, tent, apartment, whatever) for a post? Email photos (and some descriptions) to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Include where you live, or how you live, or why you live in the email. We’ll take care of the rest. (For past posts, click here and here and here and here.

Double Down Dirty

KFC Double Down CampaignTake a good look at that image to the left.  If you’re into girls, you probably already have.  But now actually read what their butts say.  No, you’re not crazy: they say “Double Down,” as in the relatively new new breadless sandwich from KFC.

The KFC newsroom says (emphasis mine):

Via the creative on-clothing ad campaign, the chicken chain will recruit college co-eds to serve as “human billboards.” On select college campuses, female undergraduates will sport KFC Double Down branded sweat pants to encourage students to try the unique bun-less sandwich.

KFC launched the initiative this week in Louisville, Ky., where brand ambassadors sporting the one-of-a-kind Double Down clothing attracted fellow students across campus with KFC gift certificates. Female students interested in becoming ambassadors at their schools may contact KFC on the company’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kfc). KFC will select students at three additional campuses and outfit them with the customized sweat pants, KFC gift checks to distribute and a $500 stipend for their involvement.

Can some girls here please apply?  That would be the ultimate irony – PETA’s Most Vegetarian Friendly School blatantly advertising one of the biggest offenders.

Also, how does this help devalue buns at all?

I’ve tried it, and it’s been appropriately described as quite the “double downer.”  But if you’re interested, learn more about the (supposedly) 540 calorie wonder and the advertising campaign here.

BUTTSTOCK Performers Wanted!

Ariel Schwartz ’12 writes:

Does your musical group want to perform? Are you a DJ? Do you want to participate in an open mic?

On May 1, the Butts, 200 Church, 156 High, and Lawn Ave program houses will be hosting a block party with inflatables, food, games, tye-dye, and music. Come be a part of this great event by performing. Contact aeschwartz(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you’re interested.

Date: Saturday, May 1
Time: Noon – 5:00 PM
Place: The Butts

Butt A and B: doors to tunnels open

An anonymous source informs us that the doors to the tunnels beneath Butt A and B are taped open. There’s a blank wall on the Butt A side.

This information is provided for, um, educational purposes only.

Give Butt B Back the World

Some jerk stole the large framed “What’s Up? South!” map off the wall outside the offices by the Butterfield B bridge over the weekend. What would a klepto-vandal even do with this thing? It’s been up there for years doing the humble service of reorienting the spatial perception of passersby, and now it’s going to be stuck in someone’s bedroom?

Apparently the map is also part of an important tradition for international students in which each new student puts a sticker indicating where they’re from on the map during orientation, and the last time I saw it the map was riddled with them.

If you’ve got any info about its whereabouts, email the Butterfields Area Coordinator at smbrown@wesleyan.edu (especially if you live in Butt B, since you might end up getting billed for its replacement if it’s not found).

Eat Meat with the MEET Club

Ryan Brill ’10, on behalf of the club formerly known as Mankind Eating Animals Together:

The M.E.E.T. (Mankind Eating Everything Together) Club is having a barbeque in the Butterfield courtyard. Everybody is welcome to attend, and can buy cheeseburgers, sausages, or (for the first time) veggie burgers for $3 each. Take a break from studying and eat with us!

Date: Friday May 9th
Time: 11:45-3 pm, or until the charcoal runs out
Place: Butts courtyard grills

Butt B is EastCo

Earlier this year a taped sign in the Butterfield B courtyard that used to read “HPPI” (for the Health Professions Partnership Initiative office located on the 1st floor) was torn down to reveal a more prominent sign (above) reading “East College“, causing reactions ranging from apathy to mild curiosity among residents who thought they were living in a fairly unremarkable dorm on a far side of campus… until now!

You knew about WestCo, and North College, and maybe even South College, but EastCo? Why the (literal) cover-up? Why expose it now? Could Butt B have been intended at some point to be an eastern counterpart to that more prominent dorm in the West? Is this some kind of passive-aggressive attempt at re-branding by ResLife?

In that case, what’s next for this latently cardinally-directed building? A personality? A cohesive sense of community? More noise? I can’t be the only mildly curious to hear answers.

Butthole Aided By Green Thumb

Micah Feiring ’11 is on a one-man mission to beautify what used to be a forlorn patch of lawn in front of Butterfield A’s east wing.

Feiring was struck by the random urge to plant things and started digging last week, though P-Safe has apparently tried to passive-aggressively hinder his progress by stealing his shovel on at least one occasion.

Witness the metamorphosis:

Defacement of school property rarely looks this good!