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Buy Tanks to Help Fund Nietzsch Factor’s Trip to Nationals


The title of this post gets much better if you omit the word “factor.” From Chris McGinnis ’14:

Nietzsch Factor (Wesleyan’s most ruggedly handsome ultimate frisbee team) is trying to go to Nationals in Milwaukee, WI, and we need your help!

To cut our lofty costs we are selling everyone’s favorite tanks in all new colors! Limited supply, so get them while you still can!

Date: Right now
Time: Right now
Place: Usdan, or they’ll come to you
Cost: Free
Facebook event: Yes

Buy Some Thesis Art Prints

Ilyana Schwartz ’13 made this freakishly awesome print of Roald Dahl, and it could be yours for only $30:

Help out a fellow student work off her thesis debt by buying some thesis art pieces! Check out this website for the details and if you wanna catch the show in person it is up in Zilkha Gallery until Sunday at 5 pm.

Link: Fresh off the Press
Show: Zilkha Gallery between now and Sunday at 5