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Wesleyan Started Giving Us Free Cable… Last July

Last weekend, as I was talking to a Harvard student, she mentioned to me this sweet new online cable network Harvard has, called Tivli.

Wait, before I go any farther, click here to watch the Oscars.  In high definition.  Legally. For free. Through Wesleyan.

Well, yeah, that’s pretty much it.  Wesleyan is one of five schools in the country that has this system, which is a free partnership between the Tivli founders and the University.  It’s unclear how the relationship was founded, except perhaps something to do with our inexplicable relationship with Roku.

The New York Times covered the story in January, with no mention of Wesleyan, which is pretty much the trend: no news anywhere about the program here.

While, at this point, the package only includes the basic cable-type channels (including network TV and PBS,) it seems that it may soon expand and could include HBO Go, as well.

I guess my main questions are: How did we get this?  Why didn’t anyone tell us?  WHY IS THIS NOT A BIGGER DEAL?!

If you have any insight, pop it in the comments box or send us a tip.

Cable installation update

Based on what I’ve seen in the Shoutbox and ACB, it seems that a number of people are wondering when cable installations will take place. Here is what I know so far:

  • Two friends of mine who live on the 8th floor of Hi-Rise are getting their cable installed tomorrow morning. I don’t know anyone else there who ordered the service, but it seems like a safe bet to assume they’ll cover the whole building–and presumably Lo-Rise as well–tomorrow.
  • I have also heard that Butt B is getting its installation tomorrow; I would assume this applies to A and C as well.
  • The person in Usdan mentioned to me that they’re having service problems with some locations, including Hewitt (which also had its cable shut off a week before the other buildings). She said they hoped to have it resolved by the end of the day tomorrow, but if you live on Foss Hill and haven’t heard anything yet, it could be a while.
  • There will be an AT&T representative in Usdan until 7:00 PM tomorrow, not 5:00 like the ITS blog says.

If I find out anything else, I’ll put it up here. Hopefully this was helpful to those of you who are in the dark about this. If anyone else has any information, please share it in the comments.

No cable TV, no Obama? Try Usdan

The Middletown, Middlefield and Durham Democratic Town Committees invite you to watch Senator Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination Thursday night at Wesleyan’s Usdan University Center. The event is open to the public.

Hope to see you all there at this historic event!

Who: Citizens of Middletown, Middlefield, and Durham
What: Obama Acceptance Speech Viewing Party
Where: Wesleyan University, Usdan University Center, Room 108, 45 Wyllys Ave, Middletown CT 06459
When: Thursday, August 28 2008, at 7pm

“Wesleyan University is solely a paid provider of space for this event and does not support the position of any group.”

Get Yer Cable

From the ITS Info blog:

Please call 685-4499 if you are interested in ordering the AT&T cable TV service. This Wesleyan number is forwarding the calls to an AT&T staff member. After regular work hours, you will be taken to a voicemail. Please leave your phone number and the AT&T staff will respond.”

Not sure what their “regular work hours” are (I called about 5 minutes ago and no one answered), but there you have it.

UPDATE (8/27, 12:59 PM): There are AT&T representatives in Usdan in the back of the Cardinal Technology Center. They said they expect to have the service up within the next two weeks. I’ll get a copy of the price matrix up later today.

Get Your Cable from AT&T

AT&T is the new on-campus cable provider. In the spring Wesleyan ended its deal with Comcast, so if you were worried about not having a minimum of 109 television channels available in your room for $44 a month, have no fear. AT&T cable will also be available to watch in 44 common areas and throughout Usdan.

If this is really exciting news to you, get the full announcement at the ITS blog.

No More Cable

Wesleyan is done with its contract with ComCast to provide Cable TV to students and isn’t renewing it, mostly because most of you now watch computers instead of TV. There will still be cable in lounges, but if you want it in your room next year you get it yourself. From campus-wide email:

Before proceeding with another 5 year commitment, we wanted to gather information regarding the number of TVs that students bring to campus as well as informally poll them on their TV viewing habits. We determined that less than 25% of the students bring a TV and that many prefer to watch their TV shows on computer… based on this data, we have decided to no longer offer Comcast Cable TV to Wesleyan students after May 31. After this date, any student who wishes to have Cable TV service will directly contract with a Cable TV provider to customize the channel lineup and pay for it directly.

…If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Fran Koerting at fkoerting@wesleyan.edu or G. Ravishanker at ravishan@wesleyan.edu

No more free cable

Confused about why some dorms were getting free cable while others were stuck watching Jeopardy on Saturday nights? Matt Johnson ’07 explains:

The “basic” cable in the dorms consists of the local network channels, C-Span, and like 2 or 3 others. Unless things have changed for the worse, the Butts lounges all have big-screen TVs with extended cable (Comedy Central, Bravo, NESN, ESPN, MTV, etc.)

Fauver and Clark got free cable because when they were built/renovated, Comcast ran lines to them but never installed signal scramblers to deny extended service to those who weren’t paying for it.

This will be no more! All students on campus were recently sent this e-mail regarding spotty cable availability:

“Dear Student

In November I wrote to you about the confusion surrounding inconsistent Cable TV channel lineup on campus which provided expanded channel lineup for some students though we only pay for the Wesleyan Basic Service described in http://www.wesleyan.edu/its/resnet/cabletv.html. To avoid this confusion, Comcast offered all the students the expanded channel lineup until June in return for an audit of all existing cable TV connections and reconfiguration during the summer. This will be completed soon and I am writing to inform you that all cable TV outlets have been reprogrammed to provide only the basic channel lineup. If you are interested in upgrading your service and pay for it, you can contact the Comcast staff during the arrival day or call them at 1-800-COMCAST to sign up for additional services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Heric Flores-Rueda (hflores@wesleyan.edu), Manager of Instructional Media Services, ITS.

Ganesan Ravishanker
Associate Vice President for Information Technology”

Marianna Foos ’08 interprets:

Translation: Don’t worry, kids, we got rid of your free cable. You’re welcome.

I guess there’s always Youtube.