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The Cardinal’s Nest: Update

As you know from an earlier post, a Southwestern/American Bistro called “The Cardinal’s Nest” is moving into the building where Café-Ology used to be. The new owner has been working on the place all summer, and it is finally coming together. Here is what it looks like now:



Here is a picture of a pirate that I assume will be a permanent prop in the establishment and may be used to scare away the bad luck that put Café-Ology out of business after only one year.


The owner, John Gecewicz, is returning to Middletown after a successful career as an international model. He was featured in GQ and Vogue, and seems to have been pretty successful. Here’s a photo of him, courtesy of the article in The Middletown Press. What do you think, Wes? Hot or not?


After he finished modeling, Mr. Gecewicz started his own café and catering business in New York, although not much about this can be found online. Hopefully, this means that we can expect some quality food out of the place. For those of you who are wondering, you will be able to buy beer, wine and sangria at Cardinal’s Nest. The place will also be open for late night dining, although it is unclear whether it will be open as late as Mamoun’s.

See the full article in The Middletown Press here.

Cardinal’s Nest: The New Cafe-Ology

Those of you on campus for the summer may have noticed a sign that has been put up on the newspaper covered windows of the old Cafe-Ology building, congratulating the graduating class and announcing the coming of “The Cardinal’s Nest.” The Nest will be a small American Bistro, and was featured in The Middletown Eye recently (thanks to anonymous for the tip). Here is what they have to say about it:

Coming soon to 129 Church Street is the Cardinal’s Nest American Bistro. The little eatery will offer lunch fare and affordable small plates in the evenings. They will be accepting Wesleyan dining cards in addition to usual forms of payment. Owner John Gecewicz grew up in Middletown and has returned from the New York City restaurant business to help out his aging mother here in Midletown. The Cardinal’s Nest is in the former space of Cafe-Ology, which came and went pretty fast. Before Cafe-ology the space was occupied by Guiseppe’s Pizza. The planned opening for The Cardinal’s Nest is in the first week of September – watch for reviews after it opens.

Hopefully, The Cardinal’s Nest will provide a cheap and tasty alternative to Usdan for the residents of Lo-rise/Hi-rise for years to come, and like Cafe-Ology,  will provide a performance space for student musicians.

cardinal's nest

Café Ology No Longer?

Café Ology, the mom and pop pizza and sandwich shop at 129 Church St. (right across from High Rise), seems to have shut its doors. The cafe was a favorite among students for its delicious and affordable food, hospitable owners, and entertaining table games. They have also hosted several musical groups on campus. The cafe, originally leased in October, 2007 is the third business to close since 2005 in that location.

Photo by Rachel Finkelstein

Photo by Rachel Finkelstein

At this point we do not know whether the restaurant is closing because of economic reasons or otherwise, but the closed sign out front and the disconnected telephone number do not give us much hope for a new location. As a personal favorite of mine, this is very sad news indeed.