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UOC Infoshop/Anti-Oppression Library Call for Submissions

A message from Alexandra Ricks ’16:

Call for Submissions to the University Organizing Center Infoshop/Anti-Oppression Library located at 190 High Street!

The Infoshop Preservation Society (IPS) is a new student group tasked with the restoration and maintenance of the UOC Infoshop and Anti-Oppression Library. We’re in the process of cleaning up and improving upon the Infoshop space located at the back of the UOC and looking for submissions to add to Wesleyan’s only dedicated anti-oppression library (soon to be a great workspace as well!).

Got any pamphlets, zines, books, posters, photographs, music, movies, periodicals, maps, art, artifacts, etc. you would like to share with the Wesleyan community? Donate or lend them to the University Organizing Center’s infoshop, a library of radical literature that’s open to everyone!

There is a submission box by the front door of the UOC. Got a lot to donate? Let us know and we can pick it up right from your door!!

If you don’t have anything you would like to submit but would like to read about anti-oppression or DIY projects check out the infoshop, on the first floor of the UOC (190 High Street, between Beta and Eclectic).

Or if you are interested in getting involved in the group organizing the infoshop, send us an email at: infoshop-glist[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: before spring break!
Place: The University Organizing Center (190 High St)


View with a Room: Call for Submissions


Got a great space to call your own? Have you transcended the limits of the cinder brick wall, plastic mattress and fluorescent light? We want views of your room. Not the view of a parking lot,  High Street, or that Rear Window- style, invasive view into someone else’s life. The inside.

It’s been almost a week.  The Ikea furniture has been assembled in a thirty-six-step-Swedish-diagram-style-process, the shower shoes are in their appropriate place, and it’s starting to feel like home. Let us see it. Send your pictures of your room, house, apartment, closet, kitchen…whatever space you think is worth sharing to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the subject line “view with a room.”Include some captions, or leave those to me. If you don’t have a camera, or have somehow avoided the iPhone, my camera and I will come attempt to capture that place you call home.

First Times: An Interview

Continuing the trend of my former roommates’ undertaking cool extra-curricular projects, Maxwell Bevilacqua ’12 has plans to publish First Times, a collection of short pieces on firsts (not just of the sexual variety — though sharing those stories is strongly encouraged). Good news if you missed the deadline the last time we featured this project: he’s still seeking submissions. Want more details? Here’s a brief gchat interview I held with Max last week.

Wesleying: So, Max, what’s this I’ve been hearing about something called First Times? Does it have anything to do with Wescam?

Maxwell Bevilacqua: Wescam might have something to do with first times but First Times, a collection of short stories I’m putting together, probably has nothing to do with Wescam

(I can still be found as a graduate student btw)

W: A collection of short stories you’re putting together, huh? Sounds like Stethoscope Press. Is that true? I should add that I’m not exactly sure what Stethoscope is.

MB: This is not a stethoscope press publication (though the wonderful Piers Gelly ‘13 gave me some great advice) but it is an independent, supa creative, trendy thing I’m doing just like Stethoscope Press

and hey – you should see a doctor for that!! 

PostWes: Don’t Fear the Bubble Burst

This year, an enterprising senior by the name of Ross Gormley ’13 unveiled his brainchild: PostWes, a story-sharing project/Internet party designed to connect students and grads. I caught up with Ross over gchat this weekend to discuss his vision. (Pardon the erratic capitalization. They don’t call him ReneGade for nothing.)


Ross Gormley:  hey hey

Wesleying:  Hey, Ross! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

RG:  I’m so nervous–I’ve never done one through gchat. Is this better than being a wesceleb?

W:  No, it’s not. But you’ll be fine. Would you like to tell me about this new venture of yours?

RG:  ohh you mean postwes.com.

W:  Right…So what is PostWes?

RG:  It’s a website that I’ve been working on throughout the semester to increase transparency (everyone loves some good transparency) between undergraduate and postgraduate life.

W:  How does it increase transparency?

RG:  …to dodge your question, I’ve been trying to come up with a way of describing how the site works. and this is what i have… 

An Open Call for Wescam Messages

Spending your finals prep Wescamming up a storm? Got enough Wescams to hire an assistant to manage them all?

Good. We want your help.

We’re putting out an open call for Wescam messages. We know you’ve been getting them (and sending them yourself), because you’ve been tweeting about it nonstop. Please send us the funniest or sexiest or creepiest or dirtiest or strangest Wescam messages that you have received or sent. Send them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org under the subject line “WESCAM.” We’ll keep you anonymous, unless you don’t want to be.

Call for “Slice” Suggestions


From Izzy Rode ’14:

Hey everyone,

This year at the Shapiro Creative Writing Center, Amy Bloom and the Center began holding events called “Slices.” These informal chats with writers — during which you can ask any question you like and enjoy delicious pizza — will continue next year and we would love your suggestions! We’re happy to invite writers from any discipline. Past writers have included Sarah Moon, Jane Stern, Donald Margulies, and Julia Wertz.

Writers should live on the East Coast. Please email suggestions to irode@wes.

Date: All this week
Place: Your headspace/email address

The Argus Magazine Seeks Submissions

Professional soccer champion Alex Wilkinson ’13 has got a proposal for you:

The Argus Magazine is Wesleyan’s only publication focused on long-form journalism. We want to publish your long-form nonfiction, especially journalistic works: profiles (of places and/or people), interviews, investigative reporting, memoirs—we’ll take them all! We are looking for submissions that are 1500 words or longer, but we’ll consider shorter pieces too. Send your submission(s) to argusmagazine(at)gmail(d0t)com; we look forward to reading!

Deadline: April 5
Contact: argusmagazine(at)gmail(dot)com

Azimuth Call for Submissions

Anyone know a good non-Eurocentric term for the Middle East? No? Is drawing those borders and calling it a region already Eurocentric? Deren Ertas ’16?


Azimuth is an English word derived from Arabic that means the
direction of a celestial object from the observer, it is also
Wesleyan’s new Undergraduate Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

All writing and artwork regarding the Middle East is welcome! We
encourage submissions of academic papers concerning the region for any
course you have taken, as well as fiction, editorial pieces, and
artwork. If you are not sure if your content is appropriate, send it

If you want to get involved with Azimuth beyond submissions, please
contact dertas(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Submissions can be sent to to azimuth.wesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com. The
deadline is March 25th!

Call for Middletown Photography Submissions


Aletta Brady ’15 wants to see some pictures of Middletown:

We want your photos of Middletown, CT for an exhibit at the MAC650 Gallery opening on May 10, 2013 (in collaboration with the “Hear More, See More MiddletownRemix Project” curated by Caroline Reeves). Submission deadline is April 1st, 2013. Please contact: Carolyn Reeves, carolyn.mac650(at)gmail(dot)com.

Contact: carolyn.mac650(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: April 1, 2013

wesleyaning pest for hemmes

’bout time! Hermes, Wesleyan’s “magazine of political, critical, and creative thought”, “longest running progressive publication”, “second-largest phallic object on campus”, “quarterly journal of biblical hermeneutics”, and “, is accepting submissions for its first issue of the school year. The collective speaks once more:

Look around you.
This is a moment.
There are lots of moments.
But this is a moment.
History or whatever.
Hermes wants to hear about it.
Hermes wants to read about it.
Hermes wants to be it.
Think about your life and whatsgoingon around you.
Submit to Hermes: wesleyanhermes[a]gmail[d]com
Deadline Thursday November 29th.
Hermes loves you.

Contact: wesleyanhermes(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: This Thursday, the 29th
Make Sure To: Write that down in your copy book now.
I Just: Rediscovered the old Hermes WordPress. Look at it.