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Art of Protest Gallery: Call for Submissions

From Arnelle Williams ’17 and Rajaa Elidrissi ’16:

On Feb 20th, in honor of Black History Month, we will be holding the Art of Protest gallery. We are accepting all mediums of art. The theme of this year’s protest is “saving our race.” We want this to be a collaborative effort with the SOC communities.

If you choose to submit, please fill out this form.

We need the finished pieces by Feb 18th. Arnelle Williams and Rajaa Elidrissi will be picking submissions on that day.

Thank you!

Date: Until Wednesday, February 18th
Time: Whenever
Place: we’ll pick it up!

Call 8-to-8

A reminder from 8-to-8:

Midterms stressing you out? Feeling overwhelmed? Need a safe space to get something off your chest?

Call or chat 8-to-8, your friendly confidential & anonymous student listening service. We’re here to listen to all calls and chats – big or small.

Reach us at 860 685-7789 every night from 7PM to 7AM, or chat us online from 7PM to 2AM.

8-to-8 to the Rescue!

Stressed about finals?

8-to-8 is available:

By Phone: 7 days a week from 7 pm -7 am at 860-685-7789

Online: 7 days a week  7pm – 2am at this link.

For 30 years, 8-to-8 has remained by Wesleyan students, for Wesleyan students- free, anonymous, confidential, and unaffiliated with CAPS. Whether you’re calling or chatting, our mission is to provide non-directive listening. This means that rather than providing direct advice, we’ll ask questions that help you sort through or gain clarity about issues and feelings, whether you contact us with a specific problem or if you’re just looking for a safe space to talk. You can find more information on the service on our website .

Call 8-to-8!

Papers piling up? Overwhelmed by GRS? Stressed about an upcoming final? Need to get something off your chest?
You talk. 8-to-8 listens.
We are a non-directive listening service by Wesleyan students, for Wesleyan students. This means we won’t give you advice, but instead ask open-ended questions to provide a space for you to explore your own thoughts. We are not affiliated with OBHS, and you remain completely anonymous. Your call can be 30 seconds or 3 hours. We can be your sounding board just to bounce some ideas around or provide a resource for working through tougher issues. Every day, from 7 PM to 7 AM (we know, it’s not actually 8 to 8…), we’re at the other end of the line. 860 685 7789.

Call 8-to-8!

An illustrious, yet of course anonymous member of 8-to-8 writes in to remind students about this great resource:

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Lonely?
8-to-8 listens.
Call (860) 685 7789 from 7 pm to 7 am.