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Method Magazine Meeting

Christian Bachrach ’13 rights inn:

Method Magazine will be holding its first meeting this Wednesday night. This is an open meeting for anyone wishing to contribute to the blog or Spring publication. We are looking for new writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. Method Magazine wants you, so bring a friend. [Editors’ note: Apparently they want you—and your friend? Clarification possible, though not guaranteed, when you go to the meeting.]

  • Date: Wednesday, September 22
  • Time: 9:00 PM
  • Place: PAC (the artist formerly known as Harriman Hall) 002


Do you like to take pictures of half-naked Wes students . . . and paste Michael Roth’s face on top?

Do you like to procrastinate . . . by helping other students procrastinate?

Do you carry a camera with you at all times  . . . without entirely knowing why?

Do you dig through ancient Argus archives . . . so you can make fun of people who totally graduated, like, twelve years ago (but somehow still manage to comment on the post)?

Do you think the atmosphere is a way less exciting place than . . . the blogosphere?

Do you think blogging about blogging is, like . . . totally meta and shit?

Do you think that mocking the nauseating Wesleyan Admissions site is  still funny ten months later?

ARE YOU WESLEYING???? Important info on Wesleying recruitment after the jump.