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Pro-Fraternity Actions During Homecoming

c/o Rosy Capron

c/o Rosy Capron

It’s not just radical student groups who can use banner drops for activism. Two large banners were hung outside of DKE today, promoting a pro-fraternity message: “Frats Not Fiction” and “276 High Street: DKE Owned/Operated For 147 Years…And Counting”.

It is not clear if this was done by current students or perhaps returning alumni. Either way, it is clearly timed to get attention during Homecoming, when there are many alumni, though not necessarily a whole lot of students, on campus.

In addition to these signs hanging from DKE, a small plane flew over the football field during the Homecoming game, carrying a banner that read “Wes Picks Our Bros? Fascism. Look it up.”

Exegesis of a Terrible Thought

This is not a happy story, so I have decided to build it around a more frivolous topic. For now, I need to begin with a joke:

You know you go to Wesleyan when you see a sign at a conference that says “the Twitter hashtag for this conference will be…” and you think “fuck you, we’ll make our own hashtag.”

This actually happened to me today, and I want to take a moment to explain why that  kind of thought is so terribly, terribly wrong.

Some readers may not agree with my original premise — that this is a popular mode of thought at Wes — and that’s fine, because it has no impact on my real argument. After considerable thought, I have decided not to explain exactly how I arrived at that premise. You can work that part out for yourself.

The Basics       

Ultimately, setting one standard hashtag from the get-go is useful for everybody.

The Trustees Are Coming, The Trustees Are Coming

Here’s how to contact them to talk about your feelings or whatever.

Pictured: Joshua S. Boger ’73, chairman of Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees.

Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees will be arriving on campus tomorrow for their annual three-day Buffy marathon Senior Week meeting, which traditionally takes place in the days leading up to Reunion & Commencement. Got a concern that you’d like the Board to address? Want to talk to them about your feelings? Just curious who is on that committee that makes all those decisions about campus in the first place? You can access a full list of the names, class years (nearly all are alumni), home states, and job titles of the Board members here, but unfortunately no contact information is provided, which is kind of weird when you really think about it. We’ve taken the liberty of amassing the Board members’ names and email addresses so you can contact them with thoughts or requests in advance of their meeting, which begins tomorrow:

This just in: Giant Joint not actually a Wes student

giant_joint_smokerHey so it turns out that despite the record-breaking turnout for Giant Joint in this election (just 4 shy of 420 votes), and what appears to be a first-time, much-deserved victory for our old friend and perennial write-in, we might have a Birther scandal on our hands. Has anyone actually seen hir certificate of enrollment? Conspiracy!

Sadly, according to WSA officials, Giant Joint may not take hir rightful place on the WSA next semester as one of the seven Members-At Large unless ze is actually an enrolled student here.

Which would create a dilemma for the WSA if someone named Giant Joint actually showed up next semester. If any of the 416 Wesleyan Green Party voters are truly committed to the cause, you will legally change your name to Giant Joint over winter break.

Yes,  GJ’s historic victory may effectively serve as a fuck-you to the student government. But if you can’t bring the establishment down from the outside, why not fuck shit up from the inside? Looking at you, human avatar of GJ’s spirit.

Also check out the full election results to see some of the more ridiculous write-ins – from many ridiculous misspellings of “giant joint”, to “giant spliff”, to “Mytheos Holt”, to “lady gaga”, it was a good semester for democracy.

"Yes We Can…"

Prepare to be inspired.

This compilation music video was created by artist Will.I.Am to sync with Sen. Obama’s moving Iowa Caucus victory speech. It was sent to all Obama supporters last night by Michelle Obama, the Senator’s wife.

Regardless of who you choose to vote for, the polls are open ’till 8pm here in Middletown. Don’t wait any longer. Hundreds of Wesleyan Students have already made their voices heard today.

Prove everyone wrong. Show that young people do care.

Directions to polls

Simple: head towards Broad Street Books from campus. Look up and walk towards the Red Brick High Rise.

The polls are on the ground floor of the Senior Center.

Wanted: Campus Progress Representative

Thomas Coen ’07, now working at Campus Progress, sends in this opportunity for campus activists:

Campus Progress has a network of over 140 student representatives from across the country, who do everything from planning events (film screenings, panel discussions, debates, etc) on their campuses to working on our issue campaigns. Right now, our students are working on a range of national campaigns including global warming, college affordability, Iraq, and free exchange on campus. To apply to be a CP Student Rep, please visit this site.

We really need some more reps at Wesleyan, so activists out there, you should all totally apply! The deadline is August 10th.

Contact me with any questions: tcoen(at)americanprogress.org

Usdanistan Update

If you’re a frequent visitor to Wesleyan’s website (like we are) then you’ve noticed their subtle announcement of the new campus center’s existence. They’re excited:

Click here to see detailed project information and the latest CONSTRUCTION PHOTOS!” (emphasis theirs).

From the policies, you can see that in many ways the new campus center is actually less about students and more about offering prospective families a sanitized, pretty building to look at the moment they start their tour and surely no tour will end without a trip to the new Broad Street “Annex” filled with “Wesleyan gear.” The expressed ban of all banners or posters (a predominant feature of the campus center, to be sure) bolsters my claim:

Decorations, posters, banners, etc may not be attached to the walls, ceilings, glass or other surfaces of the Usdan University Center without the express written consent of the University Center staff (emphasis mine).

I’m honestly not trying to be cynical about this new building. I really want it to be awesome. It’s just after two years of promises of better food, more social space, etc made in the shadow of the noisy construction (which I was so privileged to live next to sophomore year), I guess I’m just underwhelmed with the delivery. You could honestly say I’m a bit displeased with the premature marketing of a campus center no student has been able to use yet as a “hub” of campus activity. It’s sort of like they’re forcing us to use it the way most convenient for them, hoping that we’ll go along with whatever the architect envisioned our social habits to be. Sadly, with Bon Appetit doing its damnedest to ignore almost all student suggestions in order to emulate Aramark’s failings with startling precision, I’m less–let’s say–optimistic about the new campus center than I once was.

By the way, if you’re as t’d off as we are about Bon Appetit, please, oh lord, please, by all means, use your free time to construct a beautifully written letter to this guy. Let him know about what “late night” actually means. Or how you feel about having no non-a-la-carte (aka expensive) options for lunch. Or basically anything. Maybe the food is knock-you-on-your-ass terrific. Maybe. But already they’re mirroring many of the problems the student body had with Aramark. Not off to a fine start, in my opinion.

Delmar Crim
Resident District Manager

Let us know what you say. CC it to use at Wesleying@gmail.